Aquarius – 11th House

Magnetic. Future-minded. Progressive. Knowledge-vortex. Left-leaning. Authentic. Truth-oriented.




Mode: Fixed (Psychological temperament difficult to force change upon)

Element: Air (Thought-oriented, idea generator, detached/objective abilities)

House related: 11th House (Group consciousness/thought, futuristic ideals for the human race, progression past the present)

Planet related: Saturn and Uranus (most prominent)


Aquarius energy relates to the psychological frequency of change, progression, group conscious transformation. The phase of life that it relates to is at the end of one’s working life where material values, accomplishments, success and ‘the way things are’ (all Capricornian values) becomes of secondary importance. Merging creativity with experience to form new perspectives, new possibilities and the discovering of new mental territory is of more importance than the former aspects of life.

Interests and motivations:

The understanding of the human psyche and the origins and future destinations of the race will often be considered on a multitude of occasions within an Aquarian’s life. The status quo is just too stale and pointless for these individuals and seeing (far) outside the box is the mental realm which these people would rather occupy.

There are both Saturnian and Uranian Aquarians.
Saturn-based Aquarians are still very much interested in progression, but more into the hard facts of Science, advancing onwards with proven results, working on the next possible step from the information gained at the current step. They would like to be seen in the best light by the community, participating and contributing in what they see as the most effective way possible. They are the reliable Aquarians who stick to their promises and will do anything for friends, acquaintances, neighbours…

Then there are Uranus-influnced Aquarians. These are the people who prefer to expand their minds through both modern science and their imagination. They don’t care as much in regards to what other people think and would do anything that doesn’t involve following the crowd, conforming to what is accepted, doing what they are told. These are the more rebellious and independant Aquarians who are expanding group consciousness one thought at a time. If they try to be too much like the Saturnian Aquarians, life isn’t so easy as fitting in doesn’t come so easy and they have an understanding of this early on. Once acceptance of their difference and their own individual purpose in regards to giving back to the human race (however unique or strange it may seem) they can feel a little more settled in their personality and go forth with an increased strength of character.

Most Aquarians are a combination of both Saturn and Uranian energy, which is why they are often seen as contradictory, considering Saturn is so traditional and Uranus is the epitome of the future/alternative/non-conventional. Their fixed mindset and temperament is due to this combination of creative forethought and concrete-like commitment to such ideals. Opinions are difficult to sway with these people, and it is rare they haven’t considered the multiple facets of the topic at some stage prior.

All Aquarians share some core similarities. That is, no two are the exact same. They are as diverse as the human race itself, and their extremes in interests and fixed ideals are what solidify their own personality over time. They are people-oriented, whether everyday personable, or their thoughts consider the evolution of the species, they do have an underlying focus on the group at large.


Being told what to do/authoritarianism


People stepping on the downtrodded

Being repetitively misunderstood

People taking advantage of their generosity

Stagnant people, situations, ideas


Falseness, fake compliments

Lack of depth in conversation/connections

Deceit in any shape or form

Commitment (especially early on and un-analysed)

Privacy taken away


Imbalanced Aquarian

Compulsive rebelliousness


Increased erraticism

Consistency in crankiness

Needing an idea of their own to cling to

Retreating for extended periods of time

Frequent irritability

Balanced Aquarian

Friendly and comfortable in social environments

Communicative with ideas and viewpoints

Relatively unaffected by general outside circumstances


Wanting to share ideas to help others

Accepting of other’s views, even if they stick to their own

Caring in their own way

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