Scorpio Energy (Stereotype)

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and mental changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world – the infinite awareness that is simply presence without judgment. All astrological expressions represent a frequency of the overall one energy and awareness of such concepts and traits is one gateway to remembering this as all aspects of the Zodiac have the same potential to remember the underlying one true self. Happy Reading Readers ­čÖé

[dropcap]Sensual. Intense. Emotionally-oriented. Enigmatic.

Guardian qualities. Magnetic. Transformative.[/dropcap]



Mode: Fixed (Psychological temperament makes forcing change upon difficult)

Element: Water (Emotion/feeling-oriented, fluid, receptive)

House related: 8th House (Transformation, the other side, the shadows, what’s swept under the rug, merging (of self with other), taxes, shared resources)

Planets related: Mars and Pluto (most strongly related)


Scorpio energy is that of a slow, building pool of energy similar to a filling lake or dam.  The constant filling with water ultimately requires an outlet otherwise flooding, mutation and eventual destruction occurs, and this is what happens to Scorpio energy that becomes blocked. Transmutation of this pooling energy can occur through activities requiring strong prolonged force, intellectual empowerment, or meditation and passive subjection to feelings before letting them go once more.

Interests and motivations:

Anything that allows oneself control of their environment, one’s mind, and one’s emotions piques Scorpion interest. Sexual experiences and eroticism are very often stereotyped as Scorpio’s territory however it is not just the act for the sake of the act, it is the control of desire and feeling, bonding and eventual release that occurs through sex that is psychologically related to the Scorpio domain.

Psychology and related fields correspond to the Scorpio’s inherent need to ‘know’ and to be able to read others. Knowing ┬áboth the weaknesses and strengths of others is necessary in order to understand who and what they are dealing with in the general public, as well as those in their most intimate spheres.

There is a prominent need to be the dominant figure and depending on one’s intellectual and emotional capacities, subtle passive control or physical and overt force will be a┬ácharacteristic.

Scorpio energy can often come out in forthright demonstrative ways showing those around them that they are not ones to be played with, however if a person with strong Scorpio energy believes that they are stronger than others through there ability to strategise, read others, or simply call a situation they will often play a more passive role, much like a trapdoor spider awating there prey rather than fierce predator aggressively seeking.




Uncovering intentions/exposing


Similarly ‘deep’ people

Power/mind games

Intelligence – emotional and mental

Sexual-related activities



Feeling threatened, weak, vulnerable – being controlled by anything on the outside

Being uncomfortable with the dark (or the unknown)

Lack of competition or challenge in one’s life

A life without drama, passion or warm displays of affection unless significant attempts at enlightenment or detachment are being sought at any given time

The status quo

Being controlled (in daily life)


Psychological and sexual health is more vital for Scorpio than any other sign, as built up resentment, anger and pain will otherwise manifest in a plethora of ways that are exponentially more intense than other signs.

Clearing of energy can allow oneself to experience all the realms of feeling which is commonly associated with Scorpio, being able to probe the depths of a human and opens them up to the diverse and often chaotic realms of emotion.

Yoga or other mind-body exercise coupled up with intense exercise can allow the control and release that is necessary for this sign. Emotionally, Scorpio energy is volcanic, and depending on balance in their life, the occurence of eruption can be frequent or extremely rare.


Imbalanced Scorpio energy can manifest as:

///Demonstrating what intense energy is being kept secret/repressed

Snapping quickly

Burning, intense pains in the body

Strong hate towards people for seemingly no rational reason

The increased need to control either; their workers, partner or children

Excessive jealously, doubting and questioning

Balanced Scorpio energy is shown by:

Loyalty shown to friends and loved ones

Work ethic that is extremely admirable

Transcendental advice that can increase other’s ability to cope through hardships and trauma

Passionate nature

A strong urge to help other’s suffering

Being able to stay cool in heated/stressful moments

Amazing ability to analyse and dissect information whilst remaining objective

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