Asteroid Ceres

Ceres, the Roman Goddess (similar to Greek Goddess Demeter) represents nourishment in essence. She is the mother of the fields, the land, where others reap what they’ve sewn with her. Other’s reap what she has nourished, in order for their own nourishment.

In one’s chart, depending on major aspects, the sign, house – represents the flavour of how one unconsciously chooses to nurture/give back to others, in addition to where one seeks solace and nourishment themselves. It represents the principle of what we are dependent on for comfort and peace, in an external sense.

Thus it simultaneously represents what will cause the most upheaval if such a theme is removed from one’s life even if it was unknown. What one is separated from. It is like the umbilical cord that connects us in our own personal way to the ‘Divine Feminine’ so to speak. There is almost a lunar/Cancerian theme with this, however it is usually more taken for granted, unknown – until a more in depth evaluation and reflection takes place.

Change and transformation consequently follows in the process of separation and attempting to get back to the source of our comfort and nurturing. In the absence of a functional Ceres, or a rejection of her theme, the changes that occur can be likened to that of Proserpine (Persephone in Greek Mythology). The daughter of Ceres was taken into the underworld by Hades and through separation experienced the cut off of her regular nourishment. Although she became eventually became empowered in her own right, she also remained the queen of the Underworld where her purity and innocence was taken away as she gave away her want for a maternal and external form of nourishment.

Some examples:

Ceres in Aries – nurturing through action, physical activities, starting new ventures, undertaking new activities, adrenalised activities, feeling vital, alive and in the body. Nourishing others through taking initiative, triggering others motivations, wishes, drives.
Feeling frustrated, tired, and lacking when taking others orders, not applying ideas and inspiration to anything, not moving about or exercising and overwhelm with boredom. The belief of being blocked to engage or undertake activities and having to compromise own vitality for sake of another without having or knowing purpose.

Ceres in Aquarius – feeling comforted by being around novel themes, broad spectrum universal ideas or even truths, varying people, characters, circumstances, different-ness, being innovative, brainstorming, seeing beyond structures. Nurturing others by expressing own strangeness and encouraging expression of other’s individuality.
Feeling a brokeness or coldness, or general lethargy and tiredness when around the concept of normality, having to be and ‘in form’ lemming. Can’t see outside the box, haven’t been connecting to future ideas or possibilities.

Ceres 5th house – nurtured through artful expression; music, dance, poetics, any art form or way of expressing the authentic self. Fun and light-heartedness with friends and acquaintances in the public eye; warm and engaging activities – initiating these activities or creating circumstances where these outlets can be had for self and others. Spreading the idea of abundance, open-heartedness. Being around inspirational and motivated people who are looking at the best outcomes.
Feeling empty and void when there has been a lack of fun and lightness, more dark than light, and isolated when not expressing the self.

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