Asteroid Chiron – Potent theme for healing

Chiron is an asteroid which buzzes erratically between Saturn and Uranus and named after the mythological Centaur known as the ‘Wounded Healer’ who facilitated healing, education and philosophical comprehension. He relates most commonly to the sign of Virgo (though there is controversy on this rulership despite the links between health, healing and service).

He was a wise immortal figure born an unwanted child – half horse, half man, who unlike other Centaurs, was civilized – embracing higher parts of humanity over basic drives in seek of redemption. He could teach and assist other’s in the growth of their skills and abilities, though, he could never help himself and his fatal injury thus throughout his life he withstood unbearable pain.

In Birth Chart: Looking at the sign Chiron is in with the house position, and most importantly if there is strong aspects with major planets indicating a Chironic theme – will shine some light on the path of healing and integration. What direction to go – what needs to be released – the conditioning around these reactions and potentially forgiveness and acceptance of other’s humanity as we work towards becoming whole ourselves.

Chiron in our chart (which every single human being possesses somewhere), represents one’s wound base. The part of us that has incurred the most wounding; the most delicate, sensitive and often over-compensated fragment of us. The personality will quite often overshadow this innate wound in any way possible a focus on the wound is quite often is more painful and destructive than almost anything else (to the individual).

Though with awareness and witnessing the latent healing and growth potential through facing our wounds, the Chironic path is one redemption, compassion, humility and integration.

Transit: Chiron is also always visiting some part of our chart by transit – and wherever he stays will bring about an alternate way of looking at a situation in addition to a time to integrate a new theme or perspective. Shining light on less conscious aspects of self – especially in regards to what triggers the strongest emotions and pain in order to release the perpetrator’s hold.

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