Astrology and Nutrition: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces

Libra: A combination of sweet, savoury and salty dishes. Balance is key for Librans in all areas of life – food definitely included!

Believe it or not - a 'clean eating' recipe of Coconut Ice-cream and berries
Believe it or not – a ‘clean eating’ recipe of Coconut Ice-cream and berri

Librans more often than not have an extremely sweet tooth, and milk chocolate is surely a weak spot as the pleasure of sweetness combined with the texture of creaminess is hard to resist (a 50:50 ratio is considered to hit the Bliss Point in the brain).

An awareness of alcohol urges/intake, hydration levels and levels of sodium intake can be helpful as their kidneys are generally sensitive and such substances combined with reduced water can usually wreak havoc on these organs.

A food regime containing high-water content foods with their natural balance of electrolytes and minerals will be extremely health-supportive (think celery, bananas, etc.) and beneficial for their kidneys which are naturally sensitive. Low GI foods will help to maintain a healthy blood-glucose which is also quite sensitive when Libran people (Venus-ruled individuals, strong 7th house, Libran stellium) are particularly out of balance.

A moderate intake of healthy fats, slow-release carbohydrates and protein in ratio (e.g. 30-30-40 %) will provide them with enough sustenance to regulate their physical appearance, promote a healthy mood and prevent premature aging from malnutrition or excessive food-based stress. Adding cinnamon, turmeric and even garlic to foods will help monitor pancreatic health regulator of blood-glucose levels). Sweet potatoes will satisfy the need for a sweet taste whilst being nutritionally an all-rounder. Chromium and gymnema could well be supplemented and will help modulate blood-glucose and reduce those cravings for sweets. Pure licorice is also a sweet taste that can help regulate adrenals if sugary and sweet cravings or even caffeine is on the increase.

Look into ‘clean-eating’ or low-sugar treat recipes if sweets are still a focal point (there are some excellent recipes based on sweet potato) or even the allow snack size amounts of chocolate daily to keep the mental craving of sweetness satisfied.

Scorpio: Pure, good quality vegetables and seafood with a citrus twist.

Scorpio individuals love to do things to the extreme – moderation does not really exist for these characters unless it is part of some regime they have signed up to! This is another sign of purification and ridding oneself of excess so there  almost always will come periods in their lives when they will be strict with what they put in their mouths.

Oyster - example of a zinc-rich food
Oyster – example of a zinc-rich food

Avoiding fad diets will be essential helpful to avoid the see-sawing effect on (primarily) their psycho-emotional health, however frequent detoxification is surely helpful to keep them feeling “empty” of excess and emotional toxicity.

A number of Scorpio individuals avoid meat for some period of their lives, often whilst processing/ridding old emotional tensions. Even in these times focusing on adequate protein intake is necessary. Other Scorpio individuals will be focused on strength training and may eat in the complete opposite way (e.g.high protein/low-carb). Not being always so obsessive about any one diet also helps their mental state (but a relative amount of discipline is to be expected).

Endurance and mental strength is vital for these characters, so providing the sustenance to support these characteristics will keep them in the shape they need to occupy. Broad-spectrum B-vitamins, frequent dosing of vitamin C (e.g. 250-500 mg at a time, several times a day), adequate zinc intake (think of pumpkin seeds, seafoods…), lycopene (in cooked tomato), pure licorice will replenish their adrenal glands modulating their response to stress as well as supporting their immunity and sexual health.  If female and menstrual health is an issue, considering high dose, good quality fish-oil and increasing fatty white-fish intake plus including low-inflammatory foods (free of wheat, dairy and red-meat + low sugar) is suggested. L. gasseri is a good strain of probiotics to consider – still in the early days of research!

Sagittarius: Variety.

Often the greater the number of dishes (however small) beats one large delicious meal for Sagittarian/Jupiter-influenced people, as their need for variety anddifferent stimuli can be satisfied this way! Bright colours and exotic cuisines are often favoured (think Thai, Japanese, Indian). Moderate intake of most things will be something that will support their health throughout their lives, as hard a task as moderation is!

Small, varied, exotic dishes
Small, varied, exotic dishes

Snacks help to keep their energy more consistent during the day as they are prone to highs and consequential slumps as they grow older. Their innate need for more can eventually put stress on their livers, particularly with the over-consumption of nutritionally-deficient decadent foods, including alcohol.  Overeating is something that may occur when feelings of boredom, restriction/limitation and energetic outlets cannot be identified – channeling these feelings into activity and learning is a good start.

The more active these individuals are, the more there can be a healthy focus on slow-release carbohydrates. Think brown/red/black rice, quinoa, buckwheat, millet. Similar to Aries people, they often grow to have an overstimulated liver which requires sulfurous foods for support (e.g. garlic, cooked cruciferous veg, onions). Lemon in water prior to eating helps to break down the fats in the foods that are going to be eaten – and this is especially necessary if a rich food is on its way! Milk thistle, globe artichoke and lecithin (sunflower rather than soy preferred) can further protect the liver and help emulsify fats.

In addition to regular sun exposure, consuming vitamin D in conjunction with healthy fats and moderate non-dairy dietary calcium (sardines, unboned salmon, broccoli) can help support their bones which can be prone to fractures or injury due to a adventurous temperament or over-enthusiasm. Powdered magnesium can help to relax lower back or hip soreness, muscular pain which can occur through over-activity, as well as relax the nerves to reduce restlessness and promote better quality sleep.

Capricorn: Bone-supportive foods and promotion of a healthy stomach.

Gelatin, glutamine and glucosamine-rich foods such as bone broths will help to support and sustain their skeletal system which is so integral for their physical (body) structure.

Bone broth for bone and gut health
Bone broth for bone and gut health

A healthy stomach exposed regularly to number of probiotics/fermented foods and foods free of gluten (and other inflammation-inducing foods) often helps with supporting the important transfer of nutrients and minimises the onset of autoimmune conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis and other frustrating skin conditions.

Sardines, unboned salmon and broccoli are examples of non-dairy sources of calcium which help bone health. Vitamin D is also crucial for promotion of structural integrity so eating D3-fortified foods or supplementing with at least 4000 IU/day will be of benefit. Silica and zinc are vital nutrients for skin health (think pumpkin seeds, seafood, even sweet potato).

Capricornian people are disciplined eaters with a weak spot for cake/chocolate. Having a couple of days a week where they can eat these foods can help strike a balance (plus there are always healthy options available 🙂

Aquarius: Experimental combinations and foods that stimulate are to expected.

Foods rich in omega-3′s (EPA/DHA) including fatty fish, hemp oil/seeds, walnuts, chia seeds and such, support their nervous system which is very often highly stimulated. The innate cravings for sweet snacks or temporary boosts (think coffee, slurpees, skittles?) are due to the need for a mental pick-me-up more than satisfying their stomachs (it is rare the  Aquarian-influenced will be in touch with what their body really needs at given time).

Sweet-tasting protein ball snacks
Sweet-tasting protein ball snacks

Other Aquarians will eat based on Science, or at the very least, what they know their body needs based on facts and physiology. Food-combining is an example of an Aquarian way of eating – detaching cravings in the name of what’s been found to be the best for the body/for themselves.

Vegetarian/vegan diets and even fad diets are common for Aquarians, and this is fine for their temperament as long as enough healthy fats are being consumed in conjunction with cooked green vegetables, high-antioxidant foods, moderate protein intake (minimum ~ 0.8-1 gram protein per kg of bodyweight), zinc, iron and B-vitamin complex foods with only low to moderate sugar intake.

Nuts, homemade protein shakes/bars and low GI fruits can satisfying their need for constant snacking whilst keeping their blood-sugar intact. Investigating nervous-system supporting foods in modern Nutritional Medicine can be of great benefit. B-vitamin foods, lecithin (egg yolk), high quality fish oils/fatty fish, magnesium-rich foods are starter examples.

Pisces: Whatever lands in their lap (or hands…)

Piscean individuals (Neptunian peoples) aren’t too often concerned with food for health to begin with, not unless they have had health issues which have made them re-think their eating structure.

One afternoon's preparation only
One afternoon’s preparation only

They are prone to indulgent excess, or alternatively, eating based on how much money they can save, or if they remember to come down to earth to eat. Sweets and/or alcohol are definitely favourites for the majority of Piscean people, anything that will take them to a heavenly state.

Because of the lack of concern on their health for the most part, prepared meals come in handy, even though this is not often their fashion. Making nutritious meals and snacks in bulk, for example, a day a week, can make thinking about what to eat/preparing meals not an issue. Reminding them that doing this for themselves will help them to help others. That staying healthy is both for themselves as it is for loved ones.

Keeping grains and dairy to a minimum helps to assist in psychological balance and minimises excessive daydreaming. Moderate protein intake is essential, and supplemental liquid iron (if deemed anaemic) with supportive herbs can help keep them grounded. Checking at least yearly for parasites/deficiencies without being overly concerned is a smart plan of attack. Some symptoms warrant alternative medicine if doctor’s cannot find what’s really going on.

Food-based medicine can keep their energy levels more consistent and away from the temptation of escaping reality through sugar-induced highs. If a fan of alcohol, restriction won’t always work unless they go willingly cold-turkey, so instead allowing oneself a couple of drinks twice a week to begin is a potential way to support their health. Relaxing herbal teas can be substituted, or even powdered Magnesium can offer similar relaxation or respite from addictions. N- acetyl cysteine (NAC), Saccharomyces bourladii plus some other good probiotics can benefit addictions also. Enough exercise (swimming, rebounder, walking, yoga) and an external environment that is free of pathogens can reduce yeasts and moulds to flourish internally.

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