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Hello : ) My name is Tiaani and I am an ever- curious explorer of human potential. I am now 12 years deep into tertiary education, combining the fields of Nutrition and Psychology into a more comprehensive practice pertaining to total well-being. Over the years I found that Astrology - the practical, enlightened kind - has been the greatest navigation tool for increasing self-awareness and facilitating empowerment to date, which is unfortunately incredibly misunderstood/misused worldwide. My mission is to provide information which is comprehensive and growth-oriented. I hope to provide infinite amounts of space for everyone to question, challenge and learn. May you have the most satisfying life served by the development of your greatest and fulfilling sense of self and ignited by courage to look honestly within, and to challenge what limits you without.

Chiron-Moon Aspects

Being born with Chiron in relationship with the Moon – no matter the aspect – tends to be associated with one core underlying theme; the emotional self is not comfortable with accepting and expressing its […]

Uranus Conjunct Sun Transit

Little could be said that bears any literal relevance to the actual unfolding of occurrences during this time. The very  nature of the transit itself, is one of complete uncertainty, randomness, and synchronicity. With matters […]

Nutrition and Counselling Services

These are integrated counselling sessions which work with your beliefs, goals and current habits to create actual changes in your level of health and wellbeing. Traditional principles of natural medicine are coupled up with the most […]

Chiron Conjunct Venus – Transit

At this point of the journey when Chiron forms this engulfing aspect by transit, the nature of Venus (in whichever sign it is natally/at birth) becomes altered by being asked to question the way in […]

Psychological Astrology Session/Reading

Viewing the birth chart as the blueprint of your own psychology can be such a powerful tool. Yes we are greater than our personality, but it is with personality that we are individualized within the human experience […]

Saturn – Neptune Transit

A period marking the gradual exposure of dreams (of all varieties). Exposure permits the air of the outer world to meet the usually-watery wombs of imagination. These may simply be your ideals, or what is […]

Role of the Astrological Ascendant/Rising Sign

 The constellation which sat on the horizon at birth, the most Eastern point of the chart, is how the newborn in each of us first viewed (and often still views) the outer world. How did […]

Isn’t the Zodiac out by 23 degrees now?

*** For those that know the Earth has a ’tilt’*** Astrology is the observation of events and psychological changes in conjunction with seasonal changes and then in reference to the backdrop of the cosmos. The […]

Outer Planet Transits to Natal Planets

  Each outer planet transit will bring with it stark similarities between varying personality types, though the outcome/s of each transit per individual is near infinite. Neptunian/Piscean creatives can readily invite inspiration and feel more […]

Summarised Saturn Transits to Natal Planets

  Saturn Transits Initially, pre-aware: Overwhelmed by responsibilities and/or the perception of extensive limitations – now and/or in this life. Being taken on my fears and niggling anxieties –  that of not doing enough, being enough, having […]