Cancer – 4th House

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and mental changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world – the infinite awareness that is simply presence without judgment. All astrological expressions represent a frequency of the overall one energy and awareness of such concepts and traits is one gateway to remembering this as all aspects of the Zodiac have the same potential to remember the underlying one true self. Happy Reading Readers ­čÖé

[dropcap]Sensitive. Impressionable.
Nostalgic. Reactive. Family-oriented
Receptive. Home-lover. Changeable. [/dropcap]




Mode: Cardinal (Initiating energy, getting-things-done energy)

Element: Water (Feeling-oriented, fluid, receptive)

House related: 4th House (The emotional core of the self, most receptive, family, ancestry (world and personal), subconscious mind)

Planet related: Moon


Cancerian energy is the progression from the changeable, thought-based, ‘light’, interactive, experience-oriented Gemini, whereby the compilation of scattered fast-paced energy slows down to be processed, stabilised and brought into the realm of feelings and meaning. Cancer relates to the stage in life/the part of the chart that relates to reflection, introspection, contemplation of meaning and how the self feels about any number of things in the outer world. As Cancer is the first sign of the Zodiac that is water-influenced, the introduction of the focus on feelings is in its early stages. Raw, defensive, survival-oriented and in need of protection. The vulnerability is at its highest as the self has yet found a way to manage the change and intensity of such feelings.

Interests and motivations:

A home base. Family. Security. Nurturing. Being loved, accepted.

Introspection and reflection can occur most naturally when a safe environment free from outside interference is maintained. It is within this environment that a Cancerian can drop all defenses and reveal the vulnerability that they possess. They do not need to fear rejection, hostility, and people who can take advantage when they are at home, and it is within this sphere they can get in touch with their true self, their core.

Family get-togethers/activities promise unity. The blood-bonds and added relatives signify love that remains despite arguments, fights, controversies. This to them promises unwavering security in their minds.

It is these home-lovers that are easily  influenced by their parental actions and as parents aim to be the best possible nurturers as humanly possible. The caring attitude and love of bonds is in their DNA and they will do there best to promote reassurance and love.

Their sensitivity does leave them open to changing of moods. They are sensitive on a multitude of levels and understanding that this is their wiring and there are ways to better manage their stresses can help them tremendously to be most productive.┬áIt isn’t often known to these individuals that ultimate strength can come from openness and vulnerability, so the covering up and compensating continues until this is┬árealized┬áat some stage in the lifespan.

It is with the richness of water energy such as with Cancerians that life has its depth. Without the honesty of feeling, life would simply be a dry bleak place.



Comfortable things (beds/pillows/clothes, etc)

Nostalgic foods/smells

Someone else thinking of them

Being listened to

Making/creating things or projects


Beach/lake/rainforest walks


Those lacking in sympathy/empathy



Spending too much time away from family

Consistently being misunderstood


Intentional insults

Boring diet

No place to retreat

Too much time in the public eye

Distance (physical/emotional) from partners

Not having something to miss


This is a person who’s health is so reliant on their emotional state. They need to love and nurture as well as be nurtured and loved in return otherwise they will sense life is meaningless and without purpose.

Being supportive and lending an ear without needing to fix their ‘problems’ is very beneficial for them, and sometimes all that is needed

For the men of with strong Cancerian energy, allowing them to be the provider, the Family Man, still connected to his mother/original family and his roots is vital.

They are often quite sensitive to a number of things, being it external things (sounds, smells, etc) or foods/allergens, so keeping them balanced minimises their reactivity to such things.


Imbalanced Cancerian

//all things demonstrating security seems absent

Predominant moodiness

Consistent need to retreat

Depression without anything noticeably wrong

Intense possessiveness


Repetitively irritable at minor things

Balanced Cancerian

Happily preparing meals/providing for friends and family

Flowing creativity

Super affectionate

Extremely helpful

Lends an ear whenever needed without second thought

Nourishing in-depth conversation

Loyal and warm friend

Openly expressing love/emotions

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