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Role of the Astrological Ascendant/Rising Sign

 The constellation which sat on the horizon at birth, the most Eastern point of the chart, is how the newborn in each of us first viewed (and often still views) the outer world. How did […]

Centaurs, Asteroids and the like…

Over the years that I have simultaneously observed the impact whilst researching the potential meanings and influences of varying asteroids amongst individuals and the collective. I have summarised some major focus points in the following […]

Asteroid Chiron – Potent theme for healing

Chiron is an asteroid which buzzes erratically between Saturn and Uranus and named after the mythological Centaur known as the ‘Wounded Healer’ who facilitated healing, education and philosophical comprehension. He relates most commonly to the […]

Asteroid Ceres

Ceres, the Roman Goddess (similar to Greek Goddess Demeter) represents nourishment in essence. She is the mother of the fields, the land, where others reap what they’ve sewn with her. Other’s reap what she has […]

Cancer North Node (Capricorn South Node)

This life is one for incrementally becoming more at peace with one’s inner world – one’s emotional sanctuary, whilst relinquishing the need to have everything structured, in order, ‘planned’. The passing of years allows the […]

Ascendant/Rising + Descendant + IC/MC

As the Ascendant is considered the point of integration where all our varied personality energies are channeled through a main filter to  be operatable in this world. This ‘mask’  is essentially made up of our […]

Scorpio Ascendant (Scorpio Rising)

Scorpionic territory is that of the unknown – the invisible otherside – and often the inner (usually submerged by many) psychological terrain. Radiating secrets or inner knowings from these spaces ultimately has the capacity to […]

Pisces Rising (Pisces Ascendant)

>>>Keep in mind that the Ascendant’s planetary ruler is a major factor. The sign, placement in chart and aspects it makes will be a more specific indicator of the nature of the rising sign – […]

Gemini North Node (Sagittarius South Node)

Individuals born with this Gemini-Sagittarius nodal axis come from a background that has been rich in culture and exposed to corresponding religions, or at the very least an active participating environment focused on increasing learning […]

Aries North Node (Libra South Node)

Understanding that generosity and the ability to help others originates through giving the self the time, energy and allowance to just be oneself – that is – not preoccupied with overthinking about others (wants, preferences, moods, etc). […]