DNA Expression – Astrology of Families/Lineages – Adaptations

The self is the one-self, the soul, and limitless void containing all human experience. The collective pool of information, meaning, structure, belief, thought and chaos in between. The soul is the felt component of nature, retaining all of life’s changes and effects. Every beings’ felt experience of existing information and data fills this void and it occurs naturally with and without conscious observation. All of human life is kept within DNA, the physical expression of each and every experience which has caused a push for mutation and adaptation. Every battle, victory, loss, change; all perceived feeling and thought that all humans have together created. The closer lineages of experience, that is, the most recent of ancestors, especially the immediate family, creates more specific memories and experiences and cycles that are in motion and have affect in one’s daily life in ways that one both is and is not, aware of. DNA expresses itself through reacting to external circumstances in ways that will protect itself. For DNA to mutate and change, either entirely new circumstances are necessary, or a conscious understanding is necessary in order to bring unconscious memories to the surface to then create altered changed in cycles.

The ego, that is protecting the self, is instilled in order to survive to continue thriving, creating and experiencing life. Once the ego has become greater than the self, that is vitality, drive, nature operating within a person, the walls of the ego grow in strength and limit the flow of nature and change. When this happens, the same phenonema occurs as when walls are placed in front of flowing water. The more strength that goes into the creation of the wall, the more the backflow, the more dead water manifests, the mistier and unhealthy the water. After some time, nature wins out, and water overflows, the same as what happens when people experience psychological melt-downs, reach mania or even break down and cry. Psychological barriers are being broken down, whatever has been installed to control life has lost the battle and nature has one yet again.

To bring to the conscious mind what we deny, what we choose to ignore and what is painful, is a therapeutic way in which we can let nature work, and not get in its way, our way. A healthy ego can allow information to filter, adding perspective, creativity and allowing flow to occur, letting go of mental control and allowing life to flow as it does regardless.

DNA is the physical expression of the metaphysical, and the experience and felt meaning is the metaphysical side to the physical. The two are intertwined and cannot be separated. They are actually one of the same, the opposite sides of the same coin – completely inseperable.

Living in a physical world without meaning, observation, creativity, is essentially death, as life is blocking itself on all levels.

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