Moon in Aries, Taurus, and Gemini – Supporting Emotional Health

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and mental changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world – the infinite awareness that is simply presence without judgment. All astrological expressions represent a frequency of the overall one energy and awareness of such concepts and traits is one gateway to remembering this as all aspects of the Zodiac have the same potential to remember the underlying one true self. Happy Reading Readers πŸ™‚

ARIES MOON – Mars conjunct Moon – 1st House Moons

Aries moon individuals are extremely changeable whether they would like to admit this or not. Their emotions are quick, excitable and reflective of their impulsive psychological temperament. Once an urge creeps in, once someone irritates them and when they feel blocked, others will surely know about it as it is difficult for these people to hide what they are actually feeling. Most of the time this is not an issue unless an urge to cover them up due to Saturn or Chiron contacts or if a Capricorn, Scorpio emphasis is present, and blocking of honest expression may complicate initially superficial frustrations.

Fighter Moon
Fighter Moon

Self-expression, self-knowledge, adventure, challenge and emotional freedom are all characteristic needs of this position for not only emotional health – but mental, physical and all other dimensions of health.

Belittling them by calling them foolish, unintelligent, selfish, etc. will only create blockages for them in the long term which will lead them to not only forms of dis-ease but also to negatively affecting a greater number of people overall. If true to themselves they will naturally attract others to balance their own characteristics so getting them to change their natural disposition is undermining for both themselves and possibly the ‘other/s’ in any given relationship.

Supporting the Health of the Aries Moon

Partners of these individuals can be supportive if they choose to acknowledge the emotional orientation of these individuals and to allow them to be more self-expressive and free.

Allowing them to be courageous, bold and forthright is ultimately allowing them to be true to themselves.

Bright colours will remind them of their strong, forthright, conscipuous nature, far from that of a wallflower. Visually stimulating them with brightness and potential exciting ventures will spring them into action if there is ever stagnancy occuring.

Allow them to express their opinions otherwise anger continues to build and explosions are more frequent and/or large

Remind them of their physical temperament which requires the necessary exercise for excessive emotional intensity

If they aren’t feeling so high or driven, reminding them to get moving even for a short time and in a mild way will improve their mood without burning them out

Compete with them properly and whole-heartedly. Without them sensing, inconspicuously let them win sometimes, especially if they are feeling a bit down. They definitely love to win

Activities : Outdoor ventures, competitive sports/activities, open spaces, running/sprinting, boxing, martial arts, running, gym, entrepreneurial brainstorming

Scents: Bold smells, those that remind them of who they are (positive, confident times in their life).

TAURUS MOON – 2nd House Moons

Having a Taurean moon ultimately implies a craving for routine or at least reliability and dependance on things in order for their inner world to be balanced, satisfied. This is the moon of habit, that loves what makes them feel most at home, safe and secure. Allowing them their comfort and peace in whichever way they know how will allow them to be delightful in social interactions and will ultimately allow them the freedom to be themselves.

Peaceful Moon
Peaceful Moon

Forcing change, opinions or what they need to do will only create further boundaries between themselves and the person giving instructions, as well as causing them to hold onto their comforts tighter. They respond emotionally with a passivity, a quietness, until they are forced to their limits which may take a while for some. When they reach their limits the explosion is not a pretty sight for most, as the building of emotions is so steady, the release is usually intense and prolonged – and they often do not get over or forgive those who cause them them such distress.

This can either be a moon of luxury or that of simple delights, depending on other aspects and sign energies, however the common thread between all these moons is their love of the known, of what they can depend upon, of serenity – even if the known is not obviously stable, or simply an idea (e.g. that of future travels for say a Jupiter-aspected moon of Sagittarian 2nd house moon).

How to Support the Health of the Taurus Moon

Connecting with nature can bring these moons back into balance if outside stresses are causing them troubles. Gardening, walking near trees, on grass or next to the ocean leads them to re-connect with the pace of nature.

Avoid trivial arguments around them if possible. Fighting, particularly in the home sphere will call them emotional unrest and will negatively impact those around them as a consequence

Feed their heart through their stomachs. On occasion prepare meals that are tasty, gourmet, and especially for them

Try not to disrupt their routine too much too often. Their habitual nature is what keeps them feeling secure so intentionally upsetting this balance they have is not going to leave you a favourite

Allow them plenty of sleep. These moons thrive on, and crave, sufficient and good quality sleep. They are more prone to sickness and/or grumpiness if this is interrupted more than rarely

Give them affection regularly, they most often innately need this even if they aren’t physically expressive themselves.

Organise massage or other hands-on therapy, even if they don’t admit to liking them. The amount of tension release once they get used to hands-on attention gets quickly transformed into being more open and feeling connected. It is not rare for many Taurean moons to deny themself of this comfort and may sometimes take some effort for them to experience such things.

Activities: Movies, relaxing, reading, shopping and playing with new fabrics in a ‘hands-on’ way (for female Taurean moons), music, wine and dining are massively satisfying for these moons. Again, its about satisfying the five senses almost more than anything!

GEMINI MOON – Mercury conjunct Moon – 3rd House Moons

Now these moons like (or rather, need) to have fun! Change, broad-spectrum stimulation, interactions, verbal challenges, word games (e.g. puns) and changing environments are all vital components for the health of Gemini moon/3rd house moon individuals.

These people live for change, even if a ‘Earthy’ Sun is present (i.e Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), their is a deep, subconscious desire for variation and mental stimulation.

Comedic Moon
Comedic Moon

Lightness is their most common emotional disposition. They more often than not put aside more ‘heavy’ feelings such as sadness, anger, jealousy and seriousness in order for sustaining their youthful vitality as part of an eternal quest for having the best time possible here on this Earth.

Because of their ‘go go go’ disposition and a strong dislike of being stagnant, weighed down, or upset, they may resist the full spectrum of emotions and it is important that they know it is ok to be expressive of less-than-fun feelings and attitudes. Emotional health can come from knowing that everything will be after all, ok, and they will always be ok even whilst being infiltrated by a number of emotions and stimulus.

How to Support the Health of the Gemini Moon

Optimism or at least comedy can be a core trait for these individuals regardless of life situation.

Allowing them interaction with a broad spectrum of people and easy access to forms of communication will give them the type of freedom they crave

They do in fact crave new information and stimulus on an extremely regular basis, so allowing them to obtain the information they wish whilst being supportive of research, learning, and communication of all sorts will keep them on the level they wish to be at

Don’t make them feel bad about not being the most reliable person going around. It isn’t their nature to always provide this, and they often try as hard as they can in the ways they know how whilst coping with their own busy mind

Maturity isn’t something they are wanting to develop anytime soon. As soon as you remove their fun-loving nature, expect irritated, vacant personalities who won’t provide much happiness to their surrounding friends and colleagues.

Allow them to be the main entertainer, especially if they are feeling a little down and out

Activities:  Reading, travelling, walking/gym, magazine browsing, drinking, subscriptions, games, poker/gambling-games, socialising, shopping for knick-knacks, doing anything they haven’t already done once, net forums/ blogging.

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