Moon in Cancer, Leo, and Virgo – Supporting Emotional Health

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and mental changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world – the infinite awareness that is simply presence without judgment. All astrological expressions represent a frequency of the overall one energy and awareness of such concepts and traits is one gateway to remembering this as all aspects of the Zodiac have the same potential to remember the underlying one true self. Happy Reading Readers πŸ™‚

CANCER MOON – 4th House Moon

Of all the astrological moons and emotional temperaments, none other epitomises the nature of the moon itself more than a Cancer moon.

Receptive, changeable, reflective, passive – all ultra feminine qualities that can make a female so alluring and a man sensitive enough to resonate with the female of the species, thus likeable for fellow receptive beings.

Homely Moon
Homely Moon

Strong ties to immediate family or a interest/focus on ancestral roots of the family or even the entire human race can be noted. These interests are appealing for this moon as ritual, connectivity, understanding – whatever supports the raw, emotional, vulnerable state of emotion that we as humans are susceptible to, will feel like home for this inherently ‘feeling’ persona.

Although family plays a notably strong influence on these individuals, home is of super importance, wherever they choose to make it.Feeding, nourishing and pleasing others provides not only nourishment for those they choose to bring into their lives, but themselves also.

These individuals are imaginative and creative and due to their feeling nature, upsetting them will only magnify the so-called-reality of the situation. They will receive the offensive act in a much more intense way and their visual way of perceiving information will create a drama that is very real to them. They are extremely subjective and do take things personally/to heart, so bear this in mind when discussing things or pointing things out. Respect this aspect of their nature and they will respect you just as much in return.

How to Support the Health of the Cancer Moon

Allowing them the right the feel their emotions freely, particularly from an early age, will allow them to feel the most comfortable in the world, minimising the need to retreat and hide from what otherwise may seem like a harsh and dry world – empty of feeling and meaning.

Awareness of emotional judgment. Judging their moods, rationalising them and making them feel inferior/secondary is the beginning of dis-ease. They do not operate as sensible and logical as other types, so a respect of their imagination and fluidity is crucial.

Accepting their sensitivity and focusing on their receptivity as a positive trait will reduce doubts and bouts of both moodiness and defensiveness.

Guide them with providing them with tools for detachment for when emotions become so regular and intense that their ego identifies the feelings as solid and their own. Remind them they have every right to experience such emotions however when they become destructive on a regular basis, at least providing options to use alongside the intensity gives them the choice of how they choose to move forward with such feelings.

Activities: Watching movies, cooking, reading, making music, sleeping on clean/soft sheets, beach walks, time near the river, writing in journals, lyrically- emphasised music, buying a texturally/visually appealing new item of clothing (for women especially),  being with loved ones, helping/providing for loved ones.

LEO MOON – Sun conjunct Moon – 5th House Moon

The fire that burns within these individuals is so bright that a need for expression and admiration becomes key to their emotional and mental health. Acceptance of their awesomeness is one way to make them feel nurtured, as outside validation when they are feeling low restores that natural, innate faith in their abilities, in themselves.

Shining Moon
Shining Moon

The need for drama, or at least things to happen, resonates with the dynamic emotionalism within them – rarely stagnant, and easily bored by the mundane. They will always be right and they deserve the best- so telling them otherwise will be a pre-cursor to them disliking you.

Whether other aspects of their personality govern the admittance of the need for praise and approval – satisfaction, stability and contentment will be the outcome of feeling they are being admired and appreciated. Like all astrological moon signs, there will be a variance in the personality of each individual with the same moon sign based on the rest of the chart, which means there will be quieter, seemingly more humble folk with this position. Often the humble people with this aspect feel so content within their own selves through full acknowledgment of their capacities so the need for outside admiration may be lower in these cases.

A preference for the more appealing, exciting, brighter things in life is very common and whichever area of life they choose to preoccupy there be an inherent faith (the vast majority of the time) for things to just work out.

They feel the need to encourage and compliment others and with this, karma – or the result of positive action – usually helps them out in the long run and strengthens an inner confidence which rarely shakes.

How to Support the Health of the Leo Moon

Allowing them to connect with a wide array of individuals, minimising the need to keep them under control or confined. They do need to roam and build networks – this is for their confidence in their people skills which maintained is an essential part of their health.

Give them the affection they need. Be demonstrative to the point of what feels natural. If affection is limited, so often is their ability to connect with you, especially if in a romantic relationship.

Minimise emotional ‘dumpage’ on these characters. Although it may not be fair to say that they can get away from all ‘negativity’ or rather unresolved ‘things’ – if these issues/conversations are prolonged, boredom will set in. It’s not that they want to be this way, it is just a common outcome for those with their hearts set on connection and productivity. Also if there are recurrent bouts of issues coming up, their ego may in fact take it personally and feel their cheery disposition is just not enough for you, thus affecting their confidence in their capabilities to lift people up.

Allow them access to places where they can shine, be the focal point of attention, even if only for a little while

Let them feel admired. Compliment them honestly with what you consider their greatest traits/assets

Activities: Drama, dancing, singing, taking photos (with them in the photos), anything where the eyes are set on them, parties/nights out, theater  fishing where there are plenty to catch, gym, beach, spending time with nieces/nephews/grandchildren.

VIRGO MOON – Chiron conjunct Moon – 6th House Moon

These moons are natural carers – drawn to those who seem to lack some love, attention and health that would be desirable. They feel best when they are helping out with those who need it, working on improving their life condition/state of health, cleaning out whatever they don’t need in their lives. Purification, order, awareness, nature – these are some keywords relating to this moon. Enjoyment of activities that more extravagant signs would overlook such as compiling lists, finishing tasks, detoxing, meditation is common, which makes them grateful for the little things – more accessible than what alot of signs demand, which is important as the busy virgo moon mind needs recluse from the abundance of facts and data quite frequently.

Conscious Moon
Conscious Moon

They are very aware of the details, conscious of most things going on in their environment, so the need to be around others and the need to retreat can often be of equal importance. Although they can often see the things they could fix, they often see the best in people despite the flaws. They may have been overly structured in their younger years, and the mother may have been perceived as critical even if she was doing her best, so when out of balance a virgo moon can lack self-worth, validation and compile guilt.

They most commonly love routine, even they aren’t aware of it – something that allows them to feel accomplished regularly.

They are commonly skeptical as they can just see too much – past the fuzziness that others don’t choose to look behind. This doesn’t mean they don’t believe, it just means they analyse more and hold onto something with more authority and trust when something can be proven by experiment or experience.

How to Support the Health of the Virgo Moon

Understanding they have a number of barriers around them, alot to do with trust, so understanding their questioning and analysis as a natural part of their trusting process will allow them to accept you wholeheartedly.

Allow them their time to process. They are prone to overwhelm due to their natural quest to help, fix and understand processes and facts of the world around them. Without this time, unfinished and not-so-positive thoughts can dominate and lead to a very uncomfortable state of confusion. So give them their much needed time.

Remove judgment of their judging. They can see so much detail and they certainly don’t like making abrupt opinions and thoughts but with an astute mind it comes only naturally, so don’t take it personally and don’t make them feel worse about their observations – it isn’t always an easy trait for them.

Provide them with the most healthy, earth-conscious meals and gifts. Showing you care about what they care about can only bring you closer to them as you are showing they are affecting you positively.

Don’t give them reason to doubt. Tell them the truth early and don’t hide the facts – they will find them out anyway and their trust will be removed if you withhold yours.

Activities: Yoga, mindfulness practices, regular health-kicks (regular updates to healthy lifestyle), spending time in nature, cleaning out clutter, gardening, routine refinement, playing with animals/zoos, mind games/puzzles, pursuits of pleasure, reading.

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