Moon in Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius – Supporting Emotional Health

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world – the infinite awareness that is simply presence without judgment. All astrological expressions are at a frequency of the overall one energy and awareness of such concepts and traits is one gateway to remembering this. Happy Reading Readers πŸ™‚

LIBRA MOON – Venus conjunct moon – Moon in the 7th House

Libran moons are deeply satisfied when in a romantic relationship and/or bonded by deep friendships (at least one). Being the diplomat of their circle of friends or workplace demonstrates their ability to step back and see both sides of a situation, giving them the gift of impartiality. Social acceptance is of high importance to these individuals which promotes the charming and fair temperament that is associated with these moons. Surrounding themselves with physical beauty – particularly beauty through symmetry keeps themselves feeling balanced.

Partner Moon
Partnership Moon

Even though they will bear it, they do not like to be alone for too much time, preferring superficial company over alone-ness when feeling out of balance. This company they prefer can even be made through social media/involving the self in TV shows – anything whereby human psychology and reactions can be observed and related to.

Although they don’t mind intellectual conversations or airy debate, calmness will need to be maintained for the exchange to stay comfortable.

How to Support the Health of the Libra Moon

Refrain from using them as your anger outlets. They will be happy to listen and give advice when you need them but don’t allow their seeming passivity be the crutch for unchannelled anger

Bring them flowers. Wear/bring home nice smelling scents. They are very much relaxed by beauty in the form of smells that align with their favourite things, fresh things.

Dress nicely from time to time, just for them, for no particular reason.

Be pleasant around their friends, in social situations. Something to make them proud they have you in their lives. Don’t need to change yourself but just be mindful of embarrassing them as their need for social acceptance leads them to feel embarrassed more easily than others.

Listen to them from time to time also, without trying to beat down their feelings/opinion or have the ‘right’ answer.

Activities: Anything with you, socialising, buying/being bought nice things (especially visually appealing), pampering, massage (especially around the mid – lower back, facials, making or going out for nice meals, catching up with friends, social media, music (listening live, making it, listening with others and in their own company).


SCORPIO MOON – Pluto conjunct moon – Moon in the 8th House

These moons thrive off deep understanding of the world around them. Taking things at first glance is not the way they operate. People with a Scorpio moon thrive off intensity, and even times they find this overwhelming, strong feelings caused by emotional psychodrama is a function of their own psychology – and life can be pretty bland for them with nothing to fight for/fight with, investigate or be obsessed about.

Even if other aspects of their Birth chart suggest a lighter temperament, Scorpio moon individuals with have a deeper, more complex side, and they won’t feel things as lightly or superficially as they may like to demonstrate. It is with a multitude of air or fire planets that they may seem extroverted and even aloof, however fluctuations in lightness and depth will be obvious.

Passionate Moon
Passionate Moon

They often have been a part of early power-plays or other such processes that have led them to the development of sharp self-preservation or the adaption to what other less-exposed individuals would consider traumatic or overwhelming circumstances.

There is both a distinct love of bonding and a distinct love of one’s own company to process, separate and recuperate. They react extremely well under pressure/emergency situations whereby they demonstrate clarity, objectiveness and alertness in times of intense stress.

Women with this positioning may appear more ‘Scorpionic’ than what their Sun sign may be, as emotionally they will experience these aspects whilst through life they will cultivate more of the masculine Sun sign characteristics.  Men of this positioning will be somewhat emotionally reserved demonstrating more intensity/anger in moods if anything rather than what is causing the mood itself. Attraction to women with a strong sexuality/deep emotional intelligence may be highlighted.

How to Support the Health of Scorpio Moons

Give them their dearly required space, even when they don’t know they need it. Be the first to mind read when the time comes for this

Operate intelligently and respect their intelligence. Understanding their intensity will allow them relief from feeling like they have to bottle their selves up to an extraordinary extent in order act more pleasantly around you/others.

Appreciate their depth for what it is. Their experiences and knowledge is transformative, and becomes moreso that way throughout their life. They have alot to share about both themselves and general human psychology which may  just help you to grow, too.

Respect their life stages. As they grow and adapt to life’s phases, they may pass through more extreme phases or be attracted to unusual genres. This is a large part of their psychological expansion process, learning about themselves and what works for them. Don’t be so quick to judge them for any oddities. They often become more sane than most after it all.

Don’t call them crazy or negative, allow them to shift the intensity into the most healthiest way possible without labels just because they seem so different to you. If you think they seem negative, they are still feeling life’s pains/ hurts. Let them process.

Activities: Psycho-discussion, conspiracy chats, yoga, intense exercise/working out, magic tricks, martial arts, non-fiction novels, action movies, eastern philosophy, self-help books, broad-spectrum bedroom activities, intention-based reflection, travelling to eastern countries.

SAGITTARIUS MOON  –  Jupiter Conjunct Moon – Moon in the 9th House

This is one happy-to-get moving moon! Excitement, thrills, travelling, expanding their own consciousness and that of others are just some key words describing the Sagittarian moon which just can’t seem to get enough – ever!

Adventurous Moon
Adventurous Moon

It will be difficult to ever fully quench the thirst of this moon, as they inherently know there is always something else to do, somewhere else to go, something else they can be. This anticipation for the ‘next thing’ – the adventures that are coming up, is what maintains the almost-always uplifting demeanor of these characters. They can always see silver lining, the shadow of something on the horizon that they must seek, and within all amounts of darkness, an oasis of sorts exists beyond current limitations.

If this is not sounding like the Sagittarian moon individual you know (or yourself), you can almost guarantee that there is a chasm in belief, an illusion of restriction that has dampened their fire, their lust for being alive. Physical, emotional or spiritual in nature, this restriction will bring them quick to anger or just as quick into depression, as the understanding of the limitless-ness in the non-physical world has been forgotten and they have settled for someone else’s darkened belief.

A compulsive need for different people and places pushes them to go travelling, to find beauty and the inspiration they crave in all different places  and faces. Feelings of being blocked may surface if they haven’t travelled for some time, and being the parent, friend or partner gives you the chance to remind them its time to get going again, even if its only for a short time.

How to Support the Health of the Sagittarius Moon

Reminding them of their need to roam, to learn, to inquire but not expecting to fully know the nature of the universe will help them to get out of any number of mental prisons

Take them on an adventure, or be opening to going alongside one of theirs when they get excited about one. After a while the adventures become contagious

Last-minute road-trips for no reason or to a place that will provide adrenaline, foreign culture (e.g. backpackers)

Don’t automatically consider their universal theories as ridiculous, support the growth of new ideas

Appreciate their amorous nature, their ability to connect with others and create warmness in a group without restricting them too much with jealously, parental limitations or any number of other restrictions

They often like to inspire themselves but subtly inspiring them with casually passing on some intellectual quotes about the world, pictures of the most extreme/beautiful places or activities, places they/the both of you can go in the future

Allowing their explosions to come and go – as they often do without dragging arguments on. They may be big and dramatic but they soon pass

Take them or remind to go to places with open spaces

Activities: Sports, any number of adventures, skydiving, the beach, surfing/snorkelling, being outside, gambling games, inspirational pictures/quotes, books – mix of fiction and non-fiction, drinking, mountain climbing, travels, travels, travels, partying.

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