Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces – Supporting Emotional Health

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and mental changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world – the infinite awareness that is simply presence without judgment. All astrological expressions represent a frequency of the overall one energy and awareness of such concepts and traits is one gateway to remembering this as all aspects of the Zodiac have the same potential to remember the underlying one true self. Happy Reading Readers πŸ™‚

CAPRICORN MOON – Saturn conjunct Moon – 10th House Moon

Being useful, disciplined, taking responsibility and being the epitome of reliable whilst being able to complete goals they set for themselves is what satisfies individuals with a Capricorn moon. Determination and ambition are other key characteristics.

Those individuals with a Capricorn moon are able to bestow logic over emotion. They have an exceptional ability to overcome what they may consider triviality in order to cultivate the state of being they choose to experience.

Determined Moon
Determined Moon

Their private life is just that, private, and may take someone close to them many years to enter the well-guarded realm of chaotic emotions and confusing feelings. The chaotic nature is not what Capricorn moons align with. Structure and detached analysis is what they innately are drawn to. They have extremely soft interiors which in their minds corresponds to tight protective strategies which are often vault-like.

Capricorn is opposite to Cancer in the natural Zodiac, and it is Cancer that is the sign which is most strongly correlated with the Moon, that is to say, our emotional natures. Realism and stability are the essence of what they seek emotionally. A plan is created and closely followed, and without strict concordance with these plans, they may become frazzled, depressed, unable to cope and navigate their way through the overwhelm as working with emotions is so foreign to them (unless Neptune or Venus is in close contact).

They have a concentration that when aligned with self-created goals and determination, is barely beatable. This cycle of goal creation and completion is what keeps them feeling alive and satisfied, so the cycle of work is preferred to be in motion constantly. Some may call them workaholics or even obsessive about certain aspects of their lives, however they view this as determination and focus that others lack.

Due to the distance between their emotiosn and the self when it comes to being rigidly determined, bouts of depression can occur if they do not learn to listen to what their own emotions are telling them which would allow them to carry out goals according to their true ideologies. Relating back to intentions and every so often corresponding actions with feelings about particular projects will help them to become more integrated.

How to Support the Health of the Capricorn Moon

Support their innate need to work (and work hard) without judging this characteristic, but maybe hinting it is ok to take a break to restore themselves in order to work more intensely and carry out their projects with increased vigor

Being affectionate supports their insecurities of self-worth and how much you care

Encouraging laughter. This may be difficult when their drive and focus to work is high, but if you can find a way to integrate playtime with work, laughter does keep them more relaxed and ready to take on more challenges

Remind them that worry produced little to no results, and that efficiency comes from working through the origins of worry

Share how being present in the moment is something that does benefit all aspects of their life in ways that can not be explained before they learn to cultivate it. Practicing any one of a number of meditations certainly helps, and remind them meditation is not always about drifting off into fantasy land, there are a vast number of realistic, practical meditations available

Activities: Mountain/rock-climbing, working on the project of most importance to them, fishing/hunting, endurance cycling, music – more complex pieces stimulate them in particular, investigating the nature of time in a non-linear fashion for the intellectual type, history/museums, up-market restaurants/locations as a surprise treat.

AQUARIUS MOON – Uranus conjunct Moon – 11th House Moon

If you want to learn the art of detachment, you can surely get a head-start upon meeting these folks. Their emotions have a notable capacity to be be analysed, overlooked and marginalised for the sake of something they see as more important, similar to Capricorn moon individuals, however the main difference between the two is Aquarian’s need for change and stimulation. The world of Chaos is not so destabilizing as it is for others, on the contrary it is invited and nourishes these moons. Chaos and changing circumstances in the outer world is a reflection of their own emotional processes.

Progressive Moon
Progressive Moon

Their emotional temperament is that of analysis and level-headedness combined with the need for spontaneity. Somehow though, their intuition is strong and insights are frequent, all somewhat contradictory traits. They have such polarity in their nature, a contradictory nature, that it is rare for their emotional responses to be fully predicted making them somewhat ‘unpredictable’ creatures.

These individuals have a noticeable lean toward social groups as well as interacting with a wide variety of people in all shapes, forms and from a multitude of cultures. They have a instinctive need for integration, for merging, for promoting the growth and awareness capable within the human psyche/ group consciousness. What people that know these Aquarian moons consider detachment and coldness that seeps through from time to time and often unexpectedly, originates from an evolutionary need to adapt, to seek new possibilities and new frontiers for the benefit of humankind.

Like all things in Astrology, there are exceptions to each, and their are definitely Aquarian moons who prefer detachment and are drawn to technology and change-related groups for the sake of stimulation and ‘being different’. Before becoming awake to their potentially influential purpose, they can be drawn to the alternative, left-wing or tech groups or even part of the spiritually ‘advanced’, something that separates them from the rest of the human race instead of moving with it.

Most commonly though, they are relatable individuals that prefer to form networks and continually make new friends or at the very least, new acquaintances. Intelligence, even of a unconventional kind, is something that many of them crave in others, and they often possess strong opinions themselves. It is within such interactions they are sustained in between the bouts of alone time they very much require.

How to Support the Health of the Aquarian Moon

As close as you become to these moons, understand they possess a deep need for alone time to both process their stimulations, as well as create and form their own views

Encourage them to broaden their interactions and allow them to socialise frequently

Avoid emotionally ‘dumping’ on these individuals. Allow them to question and investigate, that way they won’t become drained and overwhelmed, instead curious and helpful with potential helpful advice.

Keep them stimulated or allow situations/friends/the internet to provide them with this need

PISCES MOON – Neptune conjunct Moon – 12th House Moon

This is an individual that feels the spectrum of feelings that exist within the human experience. Sensitivity is extremely high, and it is how they manage with this trait that affects the course in which they choose to take with their lives. Many choose healing professions and are natural counsellors and helpers drawn to the aid of others to reduce suffering as much as possible. Others choose to escape the world of not-so-pleasant feelings in a number of ways – excessive work, a multitude of pre-occupations, alcoholism/drug-use, and these are  simply coping mechanisms which soon becomes a stepping stone for awareness and self-understanding.

Imaginative Moon
Imaginative Moon

Some Piscean moon individuals choose to hide away in their emotional worlds, keeping their vulnerability well covered up and choosing to retreat where their thoughts are naturally processed and much of the emotions are kept unconscious, and others use their emotions as relational tools to interact and support others, exposing their gentle nature as seeing this characteristic as a strength.

This is an individual who feels like they have been through everything before and often will feel as if its time to ‘go home’ throughout their life. The feeling of being an ‘old soul’ is common, and the compilation of emotional experience makes them extremely adept at reading others’ states of being often making them emotional IQ geniuses.

They possess a sponge-like quality when it comes to thoughts and emotions of others, and this requires an awareness so they don’t always identify whatever they are feeling as their own. This doesn’t mean not owning anything, but just assessing whether any given thought frequency or emotion is actually theirs on a regular basis.

How to Support the Health of the Pisces Moon

Reminding them of the world’s illusion masters – certain energetically intense people who are able to trick others into believing their importance/divinity. These moons have an overwhelming need to merge and dissolve into Source, thus a number of tricksters can enter their lives on a number of occasions. Again honest assessment comes often to the rescue

Utilising meditation/visualisation techniques to dissipate perceptions of negativity. Using images or thinking about certain gemstones (and their properties) or even using trees or waterfalls or other grounding visuals to soak up negativity

Get them to the water often. The ocean helps to balance them on a multitude on a number of levels – emotionally, physically, spiritually….

Remind them of what certain drugs are doing to them. Make sure before they choose to dabble (if they are going to do it anyway) that they are first feeling grounded in their life, and not to utilise them when they are already vacant from reality whereby unconscious/repressed feelings and thoughts can be exaggerated with the use of mental structure-dissolving substances. There are people who use naturally ocurring drugs on occasion for spiritual insight, but usually once they are already feeling centred within their own being thus they can channel information directly instead of being preoccupied with the identification of thoughts and images

Utilise relevant Flower Essences as one of the initial steps in grounding or when feeling particularly spacey, drained or anxious

Romance supports the health of this moon tremendously. Being affectionate, thoughtful and giving helps to ‘fill their cup’ so they can give back to the world at large.

Activities: Beach, surfing, swimming, fictional books, movies, theatre, dancing, retreating, holidays/vacations, psychology, helping others, healing, drawing/painting, art therapy, dreaming up new ideas, sleeping…  

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