Empowering yourself with Direction

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Directional analysis can be helpful to you if you are at a crossroads, are possibly feeling a little jaded, a little confused, or would like a big enthusiastic reminder of what makes you light up with excitement.

You’ll be reminded what is there behind that mask.  That in all your experience, your greatness, there are preferences, likes/dislikes that are not  universal, but they are your own. Everyone gravitates towards and resonate with certain things. It is these feeling of being pulled into or repelled by that get you back in alignment with your being. They do tell a truth.

In this analysis you will understand the natural psychology that underlies both you and everyone in this world. Getting in touch with your individualised self can allow you to take control where possible whilst finding avenues for acceptance of changes that are part of life.

Sessions largely involve restoring your understanding of you.What excites you, what motivates you, what makes yourself tingle with joy and purpose. We won’t be working in generalized way, we will be working with the individual that has never been and will never been cloned. In this time we can also discuss what habits you may have fallen into that have stagnated opportunities, change, and  what has become temporary blockages for living the best way you can.


60 minute thorough discussion ($85)

90 minute session on Skype/phone ($110)

Detailed written reading written just for you (an integrated analysis) – $ 100

Contact me at : tiaani.j@gmail.com

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