Isn’t the Zodiac out by 23 degrees now?

*** For those that know the Earth has a ’tilt’***

Astrology is the observation of events and psychological changes in conjunction with seasonal changes and then in reference to the backdrop of the cosmos. The constellations are reference points which we’ve heard of – Aries, Aquarius, Leo, for instance. The mechanisms and functioning of Astrology wasn’t created due to a constellation resembling a Bull, a pair of scales, or a sea goat which then went on to magically mean those under each constellation resemble these characteristics. But rather, at the time of establishment of the Tropical Zodiac used today, the changes here on earth being tracked were reflected onto those constellations and made as the backdrop ¬†– therefore different animals and beings (the 12 known constellations of the zodiac) were created as reference points.

NB: Coming from a very scientific and skeptical upbringing/science background, I encourage all to come into Astrology with an open mind which means a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted and helpful in between contemplating the possibility of certain components in an objective way. Astrological perspectives come through humans and despite experience, there is always a possibility of¬†projection and human error to an extent. Meanwhile, the reason we have this site available and spend copious time writing and sharing is because of the absolute wealth of wisdom which can be shared, facilitated and explored. The permitting of a deeper understanding of the self in order to reveal the real self beyond the limited concept of ego which we’ve known of to date.

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