Mars in Aquarius – Tight Mars Uranus Aspect

 Mars in Aquarius – Mars tightly aspecting Uranus

These people possess somewhat of an (if not a fully notable) androgynous edge. Representing the the coming of Feminism, Human Rights and general leadership positions will often have a Uranian/Aquarian theme. A ‘just’ view of equality, taking part in activism, along with the balancing of masculine and feminine – often in the intellectual field  though in many spheres, are thanks to such folk. These areas of concern mentioned are specific to the most recent and current times, just as most/if not all astrological wisdom is relative to to any particular era. Women’s rights and technological progression are just some examples of what has recently laid at the forefront of social change.

An Aquarian/Uranian Mars is not so much concerned with close personal, sentimental and emotional affairs as it is with improving, bettering and uniting – the world and humanity at large. There is often the gusto of ambition that is adjunct visions of future change supported by principle and deeper purpose. Getting caught up directly in the sweet, the dramatic and the lovely is not so much their ‘thing’ in the longer haul, as being too close to it all can potentially skew perception and fair judgement. Too much drama and egotism from others will have them running both far and fast, and prospective partners concerned too much with their own needs and wants over mankind or groups of people will almost certainly take negative consequences on the Mars in Aquarius’ affections. Though, the breaking of rules for a greater cause or reason, extending beyond preconceived limitations and general experimentation are common turn-on’s for these people. Honesty and truth is also a vital component, and manipulation/hiding of information for any personal reason is just not accepted.

If truth and principle do not seem to be an important theme in the lives of those with this aspect, strong drives to change the status quo whilst fulfilling and expressing personal desires backed by erratic impulse is another manifestation. Think of Hugh Hefner as an offbeat case of a Mars Aquarius individual.

However the libido and sexuality of these people is not necessarily any stronger or weaker than any other individual, some may perceive this to be the case as their processing is largely intellectual, abstract and objective. They can go for bouts of physical inactivity and not appear to be affected, as long as their brain is still being stimulated and focused. Thus why partners possessing the ability to take them on mental journeys and can invoke stimulation in such ways are able to ignite their sexuality and specific flavour of intimacy more than most. As many are not as basically ‘physical’ as others in regards to sensuality, they possess freedom in the ways in which they can express their sexuality, knowing little limits except time and space itself. The capacity for free sexuality is thus higher being in the abstract realm, which can be both liberating and confusing, depending on their own or other’s judgement of such.

Kookiness, those that walk their own way (often literally), and a fluctuating kind of aloofness attached to a good/decent mind, are characteristics that make these people feel most at ease and will generally be drawn to others with such qualities. The sense of warmth and connection from an easy-going friendship is almost always more of an imperative over the intensity of consuming love, which is often fraught with drama and the focus on personal needs. It’s not that they are inherently shallow, it is often their sensitivity which is (and has been) fried too easily and the lack of importance of such when compared to improving humanity and living a fulfilling progressive life. People that wish to cage them will just not win in the long-term, though those that choose to walk alongside them with views of bettering the future and maintain a sense of a mission too, can and will remain close to them if it seems the best for both parties and the world at large.

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