Mars in Sagittarius – Tight Mars- Jupiter

Female with Mars in Sagittarius – Mars tightly conjunct Jupiter

This lady will be enticed by adventure, the road of uncertainty, the possibilities that lie ahead. The prospect of what exciting things are to come are what motivates and energises her the most. Even if this is entirely philosophical or in the mental realms – a part of the unknown stimulates her more than it does scare her. She will be idealistic about her pursuits, but often will back up with action rather than dream it all away or remain passive to such ideas. Even if she doesn’t complete what she set out to do, she is flung into action by her ideas, and where they take her – to an unknown place, is exactly where she hoped to have gone anyway.
She will love the idea of being with someone who will share the same excitement about future possibilities and taking action about changing the status quo just as much as herself. She will be hard to pin down and will on some level expect the man/partner she meets to be just as hard to pin down. Life will be a game, a progressive philosophy, a dynamic expansion about life’s purpose and goals. Her purpose surrounds¬†growth, progression, responsibility and play, and Sagittarian energy blends evolvution, dreams and getting things done largely in the context of play.
She will find intelligent men or those with a heart for adventure and curiosity to be particularly attractive, as it allows her to be consistently reminded by what she needs to retain purpose.

**For both men and women, connections between Mars with Saturn or Pluto or the like, will change the intensity and modify the lightness and impulsivitiy somewhat, though the overall need for purpose and a personal philosophy will be highlighted.

Male with Mars in Sagittarius – Mars tightly conjunct Jupiter

Meet the man who will forever have his eyes on the future. The future that is perceived to allow him the time, space and place for thinking up what can he grow, what he can do and experience within this broad and vast life, full ¬†of possibility. He will an open-minded sort who will look for ways to integrate expansion into many different facets of life, and will be energised by the prospect of newness and change undeniably coming. This is frequently in science, philosophy, self improvement and other aspirational realms. Knowing change always comes is what activates his mental faculties and charges him physically, rather than giving anxiety and helplessness which the decay of routine and structure brings about for other archetypes. Roaming and freedom is necessary for his overall well-being, and although he undoubtedly enjoys a chase infused with idealism on the romantic front, he won’t be forced into compliance too easily, if at all. If and when he does choose to settle, and settle happily, it will be because he has found a way to balance partnership with his insatiable need for novelty, space and changing frontiers.

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