Natal Aspect: Mercury-Pluto

Minds that do not believe in what is first presented to them. Minds that will forever be seeking more for that which is not yet perfected, fulfilled, made perfectly sensical – whether in a logical or intuitive sense.
Probing beyond the surface leads their attention into the arts, the world of interpersonal interactions, psychology, even the occult, usually after immersion in fantasy and other forms of drama has halted the satisfaction it once used to provide.
Obsession, compulsion, fixation on certain objects, people and other stimulus is extremely common. If directed in positive ways, this behaviour can yield extensive problem-solving skills, yet if intelligence is not integrated into this tendency, dwelling and focus on specific situations and events can wreak more havoc than necessary in their lives. Sometimes however, the consistent dwelling and stagnation can go on to lead one into transforming and transcendence when one has simply had too much emphasis on ‘dead’ matters. A switch is flipped.

There is a notable functioning dynamic occuring between the conscious rational mind and the mental underworld- the unconscious, i.e. the latent gravity-like pull into the less visible.
The use of ‘higher’ mind – logical processing, and instinctive/reactionary mind is seemingly at odds within the same person’s psyche. Because of this, if a strong interest in self-awareness and psychology hasn’t developed, projection processes and disowning of one’s darker/rejected psychic elements can be a very common re-occuring theme within one’s life experience.

Consistent rumination on thoughts of the unknown once a thought has triggered proper interest. Ceasing the entertainment of such thought or possibility seems almost impossible without further exploration. Feeling that one’s own mind is being perpetually under examination – whether from the outside world or one’s own conscience. The mind that finds it hard to allow contentment and peace to engulf them unless a deeper understanding of universal law and spiritualism pervades regular mind chatter.

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  • Spot on! Thank you, very insightful . I appreciate reading an article that’s original, gives a constructive viewpoint and is down to the point. I’ve read like 10 articles on ME-PL and yet this little one has been one of my favorites and has definitely increased my understanding of the aspect and myself. I’ve got the trine from ME in Leo to PL in sagg in the 8th, 3 20′. I’m so enthusiastic and epic when I talk about 8th house things just to give you one example lol. The immersion In drama and fantasy is definitely true for me too. Im finnally getting over it. The trine forsure makes probing too easy and it makes me lazy about actually taking action to really learn more forsure. Thanks again

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