Pluto-Mars Transit

Transiting Pluto will strongly accentuate the regular driving forces within the individual. Energy levels increase and the ability to cope goes under a growth-spurt into a state of feeling invincible for some. The energy is more endurant than purely impulsive, though. Motivation and requirement for respective outlets builds proportionally to the will that is being activated.

If this transit occurs earlier in life and drives are functioning and focused more on mundane, physical aspects, there may be feelings of uncontrollable/obsessive need for activity, especially the creation or improvement of a situation. Sexual energy is a large driving force, whether felt overtly in a sexual way or channeled into other feelings if up to the individual’s experience and perception.

The types of people coming into the lives now are often sexual, focused, some may be particularly business-oriented with highly activated survival instincts.

If sexual, compulsive energy can be harnessed for deep transformation/alchemical changes, this choice as an energy outlet will yield the greatest results, as the outcome of working through intensity results in proportional constructive changes. Serving a higher purpose may seem for some as less appealing, however outcomes can be simply magical right now.

In the process, awareness of primal, basic survival instincts can be evaluated. Feelings of being out of control can be harnessed, particularly towards the end of the transit as experience can be more integrated by this point. Understanding or viewing the current forces within as primordial forces of both creation and destruction working together, allows an awareness of universal feelings experienced through these times and one doesn’t need to go through it/do it alone. Looking up and reading about Kundalini can help for some also.

Both tantric sex and mild BDSM with a loving and trusted partner can be effective in the transmutational process, as can intense exercise and a number of martial art practices.

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