Pluto-Neptune Transit

Views related to spirituality and universal connection will undergo a notable shift. The nature of the shift is indicated by pre-existing notions of such things and the outcome is thus proportional to original beliefs. For example, an extremely ‘straight’ or sober person may seemingly spontaneously grow an interest in psychedelics or other mind-altering substances.

A strict religious person may have personal breakthroughs regarding their belief system and a purging of limitations as well as constrictions of connectedness will present themselves. A very spiritually imaginative person may change their way of viewing their spirituality and may become more focused on fact, personal experience and move into a more mental state of sobriety.

Those who see the greater picture through a yin perspective may start looking through with a yang lens, and vice versa.

What is for sure is that over the course of this several year transit, significant core alterations in interests and attractions will expose themselves in a way to revive the inherent life/creative energy within the individual. Due to the individual process of such, predictions become more irrelevant than most other times.

A blend of intuitive/psychic experiences may become more intense and apparent than usual.

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