Saturn Transit to Ascendant (Conjunction)

These several months mark the unfolding of fears, doubts, repressions and unknown aspects of the psyche into conscious awareness. The last couple of years have allowed the retention of certain aspects of the personality and the neutralisation of their usual impact. Now unfulfilled desires, ambitions and perceptions of limitations are now being unleashed and in the process reality checks of many sorts are taking place and their relevance is being identified.

These changes are not instantaneous but rather the commencement of a progressive realization of  what has been pushed backwards and what now needs to be confronted and utilised for a more fulfilling and stable identity.

Revelations regarding now-redundant connections and relationships becomes as clear as day rather than confusing and murky filled with rationale and unconscious complications as to why they continue to exist.

The need to reconstruct how one lives and how one wishes to project themselves, surfaces. For some this may be the unfolding of the more focused, disciplined parts of the personality which wishes to build upon talents and/or certain types of knowledge in order to obtain feedback and make some impact in the world.

The desire to apply oneself in a chosen field, or even work for the sake of working may arise even if the personality is usually more relaxed and directed towards going with the flow. The want to increase incoming funds or at least to stabilise oneself in some way or another is very common.

Where Saturn’s natal position is will determine what particular types of issues are presented alongside the restructuring of identity.

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