Saturn Return

This happens 2 to 3 times within one’s lifetime. First occurrence of one’s Saturn return occurs between 28 and 30 years of age, then again around late 50’s, and then again around mid to late 70’s (specific time depending on the individuals birth chart).

All Saturn-based transits will come with sensations of needing to be grounded, being part of the physical reality, ‘the real world’, the need to take planned and purposeful action alongside receiving many sobering thoughts. The Saturn return therefore marks a complete cycle whereby Saturn returns to the same position in our chart as it was at birth. This is after Saturn has gone through all possible transitional phases including both subtle and more challenging developmental stages.

Saturn is the Universal ‘tester’, the analytical component of mind which accumulates what we have listened to, responded to and how well integrated we have been with our conscience, the voice of realism. Saturn hints and reminds us of our physical limitations reflective of our choices and efforts and what he is regarded as the main voice of authority.

Saturn Return equates very much to a ‘reap what you sow’ period of time whereby any foundations that have been created over one’s time prior are being shown to the self for what they are. Pre-existing, self-created structures will be strongly re-evaluated and if they do not serve the self any longer there will be scenarios and sobering internal insights that will highlight this calling need to re-structure. Relationships may end and dissolve, work situations may go through considerable change – whether complete change of job is needed, an increase in need to work or complete revaluation of what one is doing with their time on this Earth. Potentially this time is about becoming literally sober – focussing on one’s life work instead of detaching from the need to and spending time in states of an externally-induced high or any form of addictive behaviour. This may seem bland, boring, restrictive, oppressive to those who focus on expansion and constant growth refusing to be belittled – but if seen as a time where duty, obligation and celibacy of sorts can be empowering creating a sense of focus and stamina – there is a unique flavour of pleasure that can be sensed and learnt from.

Dreamers and people who spend alot of their time fighting the belief or calling to be part of this physical, ‘mundane’ world often find these times the hardest as there is an innate understanding of ‘more-ness’ – that is the understanding of what is beyond the physical. Even with such core understandings, being part of the Universe which includes many different facets and ways of meeting with life comes with each of us internalising a view on solidity, a view on what is concrete, what ‘is’, who is in charge of this whole show. Not bowing to authority or honouring our own sense of authority may come with reciprocal circumstances that teach us that there really is an innate need to honour this facet of ourselves – even if we do so in a completely unique way.

Saturn is the ‘God’ or aspect of the mind considered as time. He is father time, and time is something that cannot be denied in this world. Honouring the existance of such will give great benefit and remind us of our limits in order to push us to do something considerable with our human experience.

Depression and feeling ‘low’ may appear only if an awareness has not been fully instilled as this somewhat ‘dense’ time that is used best for building, re-building and being a part of physical changes aligning with personal values and aspirations which best serve the individual. External influences that appear as ‘blocking, limiting, challenging, frustrating’ are reflective phenomena of what belief patterns and congruent choices have been made up until this time.

Stay tuned for some tips on how to make the best of the Saturn Return which we all experience…

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