Saturn Transit to Mars



Our natal Mars position gives insight into our personal ‘mojo’, what ignites our vital drives and expressions of creativity, activism, initiative. Which areas of interest trigger us to get moving – calling us to take action. When Mars is ignited, adrenaline and other hormones such as noradrenaline and cortisol are kicking around in our system, getting us excited through activating the parts of us that bring about such action, kickstarting movement and change in order to displace what is, to push through into the next phase, whilst in sync with our own life-force.

Mars without direction or a cognitive relationship is reckless, wild, uninhibited. Instinctive drives just waiting for expression. Someone with Mars in Aries will often be called to take action, to lead in their own right, to engage with the warrior archetype by themselves and/or bringing these people into their lives. They feel impulsive, driven to act according to their own feelings and principles of what is right and what will yield what they want. However, a Mars in Pisces individual will be triggered to create. Be driven to separate from the regular routine into dreamland, and bring down elements of fantasy or possibility. The want to transcend, to take away pain, to show compassion and evade stark realities is how they will exercise their Mars. Which is not often as conspicious as say an Arian Mars – potentially its more personal, intrinsic and often overlooked by others.

In a female’s chart, or with someone is is more ‘feminine’, may be drawn to those that bring this out in them or those that exhibit these qualities. This is how Mars works and takes effect.


So when it comes the time for Saturn to pass on by for a visit (within an orb of usually 2 degrees will be most noticeable) the very impulses are being slowed down, as conscientiousness and rational thought brings about a pause in usual instinctive, non-thinking action. Along with such a pause is time and room to reflect, to witness the effects of routine active expression, to be more aware of the necessity for growth through patience and inaction.
Alternatively, without this reflection, Saturn on one’s Mars can halt proceedings in a very inconvenient manner. Put stops in places where we run to move ahead freely. It can make us feel blocked, repressed, claustrophobic even.

Though, if there is an awareness and want for one’s Mars to be channeled – it can be a constructive time for bringing distinct outlets for such impulsive drives. It can build within purpose as it adds commitment and dedication to one’s passions. In knowing what excites you, in learning about your niche and what adds enthusiasm to your life as well as others, it can be a time of sewing seeds for future cultivation, as well as giving more insight into what is worth applying one’s energies into. Energy and drive may seem less abundant, though this is a perfect time for focus, focus on what matters, what is worth your time, realising more about purpose.

Meditation, like in many a circumstance, will definitely be a considerably effective tool. It is available whenever, anytime, any place.
In this case it provides a gap between impulsive natural action and mental awareness – giving perspective and an idea of appropriate timing and direction. To eradicate that which is blocking you – internally and externally, and to minimise running repetitively into brick walls that aren’t going to budge.

As Saturn in now in Sagittarius (properly since late September 2015 – end of 2017), Mars in Sagittarius natives at some point in this time frame will be learning to focus their  initiatives regarding philosophical, educational, political arenas as well as honing in on their excessive need for movement and adventure. Channelling capacities and being honest about where to expend the available energy instead of running away from responsibility in whichever area may be  particular themes.


Coming into 2018, Saturn enters its traditional sign ruler – Capricorn – officially on the 20th of December, 2017.

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