Summarised Saturn Transits to Natal Planets


Saturn Transits

Initially, pre-aware: Overwhelmed by responsibilities and/or the perception of extensive limitations – now and/or in this life. Being taken on my fears and niggling anxieties –  that of not doing enough, being enough, having enough. Feeling like there’s just not enough time, being restricted physically by space and/or time. Claustrophobia. Projection of criticism. Being worked to the ground. Being taken on by duty. Taking on too much duty or guilt of the opposite. Having to be ready and deal with circumstances, harsh realities without being fully prepared.

With awareness: Meditating on what’s important. Becoming grounded by rhythmic breathing, lifting weights, exerting oneself to a point of a ‘contented/pleasurable tiredness’ rather than chronic exhaustion. Feeling free with productivity. Drifting away from that which doesn’t fit into the current schedule or further limit, blocks, stifles. Appreciation! Of what one has, what one is doing. Taking step by step action. Knowing whatever is being slowed down needs to be at this time. Contemplation amidst work or after exertion. Being proud of capabilities and working towards cultivating discipline, talents – bit by bit rather than an enormous leap. Working diligently, but not into the ground.

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