Taurus North Node (Scorpio South Node)

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world – the infinite awareness that is simply presence without judgment. All astrological expressions are at a frequency of the overall one energy and awareness of such concepts and traits is one gateway to remembering this. Happy Reading Readers 🙂

These individuals are craving stability, at least the perception of such. Cultivating solidity through financial/material means is part of this process however the sensation of peace and being centred branches off into the spectrum of core values, one’s self worth and place in their close environment.

A peaceful or practical environment (internal and/or external) in the earlier years is not so common for these people, and this harmonious dynamic is something they will seek as they get older (usually mid-20’s to early thirties). Until then, they may continue to fully delve into situations, test themselves, involve themselves in situations that may give an air of a transformational outcome, get lost in the abyss and/or situations that give them the satisfaction of intense and fulfilling emotions.

When feeling overwhelmed there is a natural tendency to be swept up in emotional undercurrents brought upon by mental distress, moving into survival mode – skeptical, cautious and untrusting. Being blind/less aware of higher perspectives in these times in conjunction with their own intentions and motivations is a frequent manifestation whilst operating from this level a the primal mind cannot understand nor comprehend in the same way as the open higher mind can. A cycle of caution, distrust and skepticism can form if they do not consciously break out of it and external situations and outcomes may seem fated, expected or unfair – however projections of their own thoughts is a major component in this cycle.

As they know what its like to be swept up in the underworld, they can often see beyond the mundane. They understand that the world is not always calm and rosy, and they know that there is underlying hierarchy, cause and effect. They know that there is light and dark and that the dark are consumed with control, people that instill fear on Earth. They notice these things and they can’t shake the reality that others may blissfully ignore.

Being drawn to the depths of both their own emotions and even others, there is an inherent pull between the chaos and destruction which they know and somehow feel natural with, and between the world of stability and all that it involves – financial security, material security and rock-solid values that no-one else can move or influence.

How to Integrate Taurus Energy

Remind the self they are deserving of peace

Remembering the past doesn’t have to shape your future

Reflect on personal values and self-esteem and see the link between wealth and mindset

Finding beauty and peace within the self instead of waiting for the outside to change

Observe the pace of nature

Remind yourself that strong emotions are brought on by mental reaction to events. Take awareness and watch such thoughts

Dis-identify from all things that are not yours or no longer resonate with you – people, thoughts, opinions

Feel OK with both relaxing/slowing down as well as working hard to produce stable results

Accept present circumstances without judging or being too affected by them

Cultivate strong inner values that work for you/feel the best

Being less influenced by emotional states or intensity of others

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