Thoughts: Are the effects of Astrological Cycles a product of ancestral conditioning

As I was taking a run along the beach after sunset, the stars had just begun to reveal themselves. I found myself mesmerized, in a state of being-ness I haven’t been caught in in quite some time. After trying to track planetary stations, where Mars, Venus, and Saturn would be located tonight, I was taken over by a different mindset altogether.

These thoughts, nothing else but food for more thought, hypotheses to get the brain ticking over, presented themselves almost within a flash soon followed by a series of more thunderbolts.

What if Astrological cycles affect us (and truly do whether we choose to be aware or not), in the way that they do due to our ancestors’ beliefs (those who had tracked the cycles within the constructs of space and time, now so long ago). The consistency, strength of belief and understanding on such a widespread scale at the time, then became more solid/concrete, much like the science of fundamental scientific laws of the natural world we have observed such as gravity and thermodynamics.

Such beliefs and adaptation to our environment on a cosmic level, have become embedded in our genetic blueprint – our DNA. Our reactions to such changes in time cycles are perhaps so intrinsic they for the most part happen subconsciously or completely unconsciously.

Now no one truly knows how Astrological knowledge – the vastness of information present – came to be. Theories stem from Sumerian times, others believes alien-life forms passed the knowledge. Then other possibilities include contemplation and meditation, intuitive channeling, and even drug-induced understanding to pierce beyond the veil of mundane reality. Whatever the origins, what can be obtained from this practice, how the information is viewed and applied, has progressed and evolved remarkably in conjunction with changing attitudes and changing times.

The possibilities that occurred  to me tonight included this;
What if our ancestors, or information seeded in whichever form so long ago, was so inherently believed to become embedded in our psyches, that it was a form of evolutionary conditioning. Much alike the concept of learning how to eat, hunt, contemplate, create calm – a number of learnt behaviours – some more human than animalisitc.

Now with this conditioned belief and understanding which perhaps was given to create a sense of connection to a higher power to give us a sense of deep purpose and in turn a source to breed motivation, growth and creativity. If by watching the cycles of time (planets relative to us) signified major changes observed here on earth, how could we ever feel completely separate, alone in the cosmos;  or even disconnected from the Earth and our people here – if we’re all in this together.

We have grown as a species not only in self-awareness, but also with our power – mainly the power of our minds and the application of conscious thought and scientific applications (aligning strongly with the new ‘Age’ – the Age of Aquarius which takes roughly 2050-2100 years – the prior Age being the Age of Pisces).

So if we are now at a time of understanding and awareness where we can increasingly become aware of underlying impulses, thought-patterns, investigating subconscious worlds, etc. A time where the quantum world and the science of neuro-plasticity is at the forefront of scientific investigation, almost smashing apart preconceived thoughts regarding our limitations and the rate of change that we are so used to, where does that leave Astrology nowadays? What would be its purpose if we are no longer part of the time cycle paradigm?

I feel if we were to simply give up ancient practices such as this, if we were to throw all meaning or even undermine the significance of having mythology operating in our lives in some way or another, for creativity and motivation, we would be so uprooted and our direction evolutionarily speaking as well as our progress as humans would be greatly affected, and not so much in a positive way.

What if with Astrology we were to become increasingly more aware of our genetic adaptations, how they were formed and why, and take more control that way by just the simple act of being conscious. Shifts can then happen as they so need.

Nowadays Astrology is not simply a practice to tell one’s future, who one now is and always will be, or even to focus on limitations that cannot be shifted; but rather it serves as a reminder of one’s strengths, one’s connection to the cosmos and the rest of the world, as well as a tool to witness personal ‘blocks’ and certain habits that can then transform and evolve through choices and channeling.

Taking life by the balls so to speak, to extend and focus conscious intent to affect outcomes in balance with allowing more subtle intuitive, impulsive, underlying behaviours, thoughts and feelings to present themselves, and listening to them, what they are trying to say even if in conflict with more conscious thought. Often it is our belief systems that have inbuilt meanings that need to be identified for changes to occur, not the fight of such things.

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