Transit: Neptune – Venus

This marks the disintegration of usual expectations, standards, and filters towards people and relationship to others; as well as the diversification of interests.  The particular ‘flavour’ of Neptunian influence affecting the individual will depend on the formed transiting aspect (square, opposition or conjunction) in reference to natal aspects, signs and houses dominating the chart.

Potential outcomes

Moral ambiguity may present itself where previous ethics and morals may have acted as barriers for true intimacy and relationship (relationship being connection to anything seemingly separated from the self). At the very same time, idealism and ‘rose-coloured glasses’ views of potential partners and new people entering one’s life may invoke suffering if there is a compete release of rational thinking regarding who may be beneficial to one’s wellbeing.

The desire to be uplifting or to be uplifted into the realm of spirit, imagination or infinite space may be strong enough that the personal tendency towards drugs or altered states, or the pull towards people in such habits may increase.

Playing the saviour role or being drawn to people who may give the impression that they can provide insight, meaning or in some other way help, guide, inform or save the self experincing the transit is another potential manifestation.

If introversion is a natural tendency or the need for time to self increases over the course of this transit, meditative techniques or increased desire to become better, more aligned with ‘God/source/universal soup may be yet another manifestation.

Although all outcomes will provide learning curves and experiences to be added to life’s journey, be mindful that the self is now more vulnerable, sensitive and thus susceptible to deception. Keep an open ear to more solid, practical and rational minds to maintain some equilibrium, particularly belonging to those you can trust in cases of uncertainty.

Simply being mindful when one is feeling like they are being ‘sucked’ towards or drawn into circumstances, as an increased opening in one’s overall energy field is occurring (the blending and connecting influence of Neptune) . Visualization can serve as an extremely effective tool for keeping one’s self contained to some degree and sharing and transmitting thoughts and frequencies most aligned with the truest self (the urge to mesh and drift may be tempting).

Visualization in general as well as contemplation of one’s core desires and hopes can allow the background/initial wheels to be put motion that will later induce the physical expressions of ideas when other transits trigger the need for concrete action. Consider this time a time for the planting of seeds, dreaming up and allowing the subconscious to provide secrets of the self that are only heard when hard logic and over thinking diminishes. Now you can be plugged in more readily into the collective and one’s own unconscious which can provide a number of keys and clues to satisfying and fulfilling one’s full potential.

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