Mars-Saturn. Impulse meets control. Fun facts

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world – the infinite awareness that is simply presence without judgment. All astrological expressions are at a frequency of the overall one energy and awareness of such concepts and traits is one gateway to remembering this.
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Without much knowledge of stars and constellations, when looking at the night sky to see these two lights relatively of the same size, could we see the difference???

We who are interested in astrology can see the variance in their meanings and relevance to us on a more personal level. Once we come to terms with the outside world being a mirror of the concepts and feeling within ourselves, we can entertain the possibility that both Mars and Saturn are simply two different, yet fundamental parts of ourselves that hold equal value. With no help of a telescope, their size in relation to us is similar, just as they occupy equal space in our experience of life, whether we are aware of their functions or not just yet.

Mars (the bright red star) – psychologically represents;

The mechanisms controlling our hormones and impulses

Our personal compilation of desires and needs

What we would fight and perhaps even die for

How we act when we are fuelled with ambition to accomplish something

Where we unleash and release to feel settled and at-ease once again

Most of us know this part of ourselves well, especially if we have a very ‘yang’ oriented personality or an extroverted personality that requires outside interaction to feel alive and functional.

Saturn psychologically represents;

Our internal infrastructure

Where we give ourselves guidelines

Where we draw rules and set specific goals over time

What we limit within our lives and thus what we judge and become critical of in other’s

He is the mix of powdered concrete, water and wood with pre-measured dimensions for our plans to begin. Our base materials that prepare us to build in ways that are going to suit us best and provide for us in the best possible ways. What creates the weight we create and we notice over time. [divider]

Interesting fact: Ironically, this large, ringed planet is so light it can float on water. This is where the irony of having psychological structures lie. In and of themselves, they aren’t even real, however utilising their structural function makes something as real as anything.

So, if we find ourselves running into the poles of the scaffolding we’ve installed, or being electrocuted by our self-installed electric fences, its time to re-focus and re-structure. [divider]

Now here comes the million dollar question:

How can we focus when we have —

Desires that satisfy our wellbeing and revitalise us  at odds with our needs to accomplish and to stay grounded?

Mars-Saturn connections can be used in so many ways, it just requires a little imagination and a momentary detachment from detail from time to time to see how.

If Mars and Saturn are already working together (sextile or trine aspects commonly are the cause of this), becoming aware of how this process is helping you daily can be a worthy exercise. Learn how much better off you are for having urges and endurance postively combined.

Self-induced blessings are really the by-product of having ‘harsh’ or ‘difficult’ aspects. Conjunctions, squares and oppositions pull our focus onto these areas making our awareness much more pronounced than if we lacked the drive to see this process. The effort and energy spent to find efficient or productive outlets for feelings of conflict or blockage yield equally rewarding results (So goes the gift of Saturn).

Surely whoever called Mars ‘evil’ or Saturn ‘the devil’ didn’t want to spend time getting to know their higher functions in first place… They’re our most efficient personal helpers after all!

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