Uranus Conjunct Sun Transit

Little could be said that bears any literal relevance to the actual unfolding of occurrences during this time. The very  nature of the transit itself, is one of complete uncertainty, randomness, and synchronicity. With matters of synchronicity, the surrounding events that are noticed which appear to have significance are relative to the individual state or process of growth.

Lightning bolts heralding new insight and concepts appear, sometimes out of the blue. These often occur for the purpose of illuminating the necessary changes to one’s quest. Unless one is truly plugged into the deeper creative and honest self, the events that occur which represent either/both personal wishes and fears, cannot be accurately predicted or expected. Regardless, usually by the end of this roughly 1.5 year transit process, trusting one’s own intuition and random processing becomes more ingrained than ever before.

Insightful, synchronous conversations are often catalysts for  decisions made over this period. The people that enter your life or are highlighted during this period  will often embody any array of characteristics, often those that trigger surprise, higher/progressive knowledge, lateral thinking and authenticity. If you feel not so sure of much happening at this time, people that enter may seem a little more on the ‘woo-woo’ side, or erratic or crazy – if you’re not already feeling this way yourself. Regardless of whether you embody the characteristics of Uranus yourself, or the people or events around you that facilitate related outcomes, the ultimate more integrated lessons from this period are that of understanding altered/diverse perspectives, the nature of true insight, and the necessity for non-linear values outside of the current life path. Engaging in higher, more progressive and ‘real’ virtues that resonate with you but seem like they’re not currently you, are there to redirect you to your most adapted and aligned self.

The more accidents, traumas or blocks that appear; the more one is being asked to look deeper and skyward. Surrendering, yet only after researching, questioning and applying oneself first. The answers that appear can work through genius once the first real work is done.

Also commonly, expression of parts of our self that are either suppressed, repressed or are only newly discovered, will beckon for suitable outlets. Experimentation or mixing-up the status-quo in a “healthy” manner is one way to do this. Drawing outside the lines and being open to new truths that make sense will feed the demanding need for change, novelty and progression.


In summary….

  • Brilliance, genius, truth, paradox and randomness are central.
  • Humour, cheekiness and meditation are most vital.
  • Relinquish searching for complete control, and, don’t be hasty.

1 thought on “Uranus Conjunct Sun Transit”

  • Thank you for your insightful analysis!
    I’ve been experiencing this with Uranus conjunction to the Moon (born at the New Moon) and many things you wrote ring true. The higher aspects of being have been my saving grace as the transit has been very challenging. But facing the hardships and dealing with them have also brought rewards in the spiritual realm. Truly a life-changing transit.

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