Venus – Saturn

Feeling limited/suffocated by serious romantic relationships.

Becoming overly dependant in serious romantic relationships.

Loyalty that can seem threatening to oneself that can minimise playfulness, activities with friends/others outside relationship.

Attractions to the blocked, repressed, overly serious, ‘with baggage’ types.

Wanting to have the feeling of being ‘too good for’ in front of the opposite sex.

Underlying tightness or strong awareness of money/income.

Overly serious with sexuality or completely aloof to those concerned.

Earning money through appearance – and potentially struggling to feel comfortable with that.

Strong need for external validation for self-worth.

Perceiving one will always be alone, even when in a relationship – thinking ahead of when it will come to an end.

Lack of self-worth stemming through allowing parents/others to live through oneself or lack of affection growing up.

Stunted creativity or compensating creatively due to a belief of such.

Fear of responsibility imposed by relationships/bonds.

Hard feelings on oneself, especially physical body and attractive abilities (when in natural form).

Intermittent coldness – in relationships with people who go cold this or you do yourself often unknowingly.

Infrequent bouts of needing to be alone (often stemming from feeling judged or too much giving with others).

Perception of a block between self and others.

Ageing well, ageing better, age affected by earlier concern/discipline

More than average effort and focus into looking nice, attractive.

Earning money through one’s appearance, business. Looks merely not a lighthearted or romantic matter.

Fears around being able to love at all. ‘Am I doing right?’ ‘Is love even real’?

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