Why Know Astrology?

Astrology: the study of ourselves through the study of mythology projected onto the canvas of the cosmos above and below. The mythology in itself representing and epitomizing pure character traits/singled-out forces within us, identity roles, simply amplified to a planetary magnitude. We are but one with what happens – in our immediate environment and within the construct of space and time.

We are born into a moment in time – a snapshot of ‘what is’ at that exact moment. The fluidity of DNA potentials of expression solidify somewhat, and within the created framework, we have the core foundations of a personality.

Just like our genes, no-thing, or very few components of our human existence remain static.
A major modern neuroscientific branch of study focuses on neuroplasticity, which reflects the changes that conscious choice and action has on gene expression and genetic memory (pre-formed habits/conditions).

Between somewhat solid foundations and ultra ‘wave-like’ mannerisms of thought-oriented psychological chances, there is the combination of form and mind, of physical and spirit, nature and nurture. The effects of astrological workings cannot be read purely through scientific method nor upon categorized psychological theory.

The choices we make can appear to us as random or expected as possible, yet changes that are desired or ‘triggered’  are essentially based upon the framework of a given personality, inclusive of prior experience (within this life and ancestral adaptations), a core nature existing beyond pure chaos and ‘randomosityness’. This is where the concepts of ‘fate’ and ‘freewill’ come into play. One does not appear to exist without the other, but the two seemingly conflicting ideologies are not mutually exclusive, they co-exist in the same fashion as conscious and subconscious thought patterning.

In astrology, the tracking of movements within the sky in relation to set configurations at birth here on Earth are known as ‘transits’. These transits are essentially trigger points which activate the activity of certain parts of the psyche and either ask for changes, or urge us to focus more on latent ability. These times mark points of integration, life phases signifying points of development on the way to full personality integration – becoming whole as a human – understanding, accepting, multi-dimensional and authentic.

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