What is Rubyxia?

“Believe no-thing, entertain possibilities”
                                               Caroline Casey

Rubyxia metaphorically represents a world whereby each individual person is represented by a vast, multi-dimensional Rubik’s-like cube with it’s own unique arrangement of colour. With this elementary explanation of personality, each cube consists of the same foundations as every other, separated only by configuration.

This symbolic representation of a personality aims to demonstrate simultaneously our shared components (DNA – the colours), individuality (varied gene expression – colour arrangement), as well as our latent yet inherent wholeness.

One’s astrological chart – that is, the map of planetary position at birth, is essentially the blueprint of such a cube/personality structure. This can be contemplated with the esoteric notion present in ancient thought and modern science, that we as humans are not separate to cycles happening on a micro or macro-level (i.e. cycles of nature). With this premise, we function along the Hermetic principle of, ‘as above, so below; as within, so without.’

When we are born into these cycles, at a given point of time in consciousness, we are one with that time, in that environment, and our individual psychology and it’s development is shaped from that moment onward…

Chart interpretation is not meant to override, or take the place of, one’s experience, nor does it limit and exclusively define; however, it does show patterns of behaviour, psychological dynamics, and intrinsic drives within each of us as a species.

The chart functions as a map, a navigational tool if you will. It has become particularly helpful with the growing complexity of human thought and accompanying technological advances. With a developing comprehension of patterns and energetic dynamics (individual to each of us but happening all around us), the sooner we can grow in awareness of the innate unconscious limitations of our psyche with more specificity and in more detail than Psychology at this time can provide.

For anyone that has heard of Astrology, let it be said that we are not one of the 12 signs of the zodiac, we are the totality of all signs combined, expressing certain characteristics in a given environment at a given time relative to an inbuilt patterning at birth.


Additional note/s:
The majority of writings from Rubyxia aim to share the observations and possibilities that the utilization of a more in depth approach to Astrology (rather than Pop/entertainment astrology) possesses to further facilitate spiritual growth, development and transformation. The dynamics are of identity – levels of personality to acknowledge and transcend in time. There are many other places to read about prediction, identity solidification, and things ‘set in stone’, yet here we hope to share a deep, contemplative and connective kind of Psychology that enables self-discovery and the concept of freewill and choice within certain constructs.

Each article giving an interpretation of a sign, house, aspect, or even transit, is still a sole description aimed to share the relationships between parts and the pure representation/epitome of a type of a personality or trait. Like if we were to describe Optimists or people with anger issues, in a simple identification way. In reality, each person’s unique self is collaboratively comprised of varying flavours and attributes, so having some perspective of different components is more realistic and beneficial for integration.

Focusing on any one attribute (e.g. Sun in Aquarius, or Mars-Saturn) for the sake of many others undermines the diversity within an individual, within you. It is suggested that a retrospective study of you and others (which can be done by looking at transits at any given time) to understand the symbology, links between planets and phases, and relationships more personally. Cycles can be tracked and through the portrait of one’s birth chart (a map of the cosmos at birth), an understanding of one’s blueprint/core self can be investigated and a brainstorm of the best potentials can be discovered while latent talents and hidden patterns are revealed.

Also, consulting with an experienced, grounded, open yet critically-minded Astrologer/therapist and learning about the many facets of Astrology over time will aid in piecing different parts of the puzzle – a self – together.

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