Nutrition and Counselling Services

These are integrated counselling sessions which work with your beliefs, goals and current habits to create actual changes in your level of health and wellbeing. Traditional principles of natural medicine are coupled up with the most recent research findings from psychology, neuroscience and the health sciences.

An example session would include:
– character strength-based education,
– individualised food suggestions,
– tools to build self-effectiveness and mastery, along with
– simple, yet very effective techniques to get back in ‘flow’.

This is often achieved by:
1.  Looking briefly at what is not working for you – diet, lifestyle patterns, beliefs and other outdated habits.
2. Being honest as to why these things continue.
3. Making intention to change, and making a pact to include behaviours that will allow progress.

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These sessions are offered by Tiaani Jaye, Accredited Nutritionist, with solid foundations and a growing skillset based in Psychology.

(Australian Natural Therapist Association (ANTA) member: 17437)


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