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  • Quaoar/ Quaor in the Birth Chart

    Quaoar/ Quaor in the Birth Chart

      Quaoar is a relatively new discovery in the Astrological (and Astronomical) world – a finding made recently in 2002. A more complete and detailed picture of both its effects and its part in the overall ‘process’ may take decades (or even longer) to compile. For now, much of the observational data is raw, relying…

  • Pluto-Venus Transits

    Pluto-Venus Transits

    Intensity in close interpersonal, specifically romantic associations.  Possessive love, dominating love, surrendering to the overwhelm of lust and love with be prominent here and now. Whether people possessing these qualities enter one’s life now or bring out such feelings in you is dependant on how these feelings are and have already been integrated into the…

  • Pluto-Neptune Transit

    Pluto-Neptune Transit

    Views related to spirituality and universal connection will undergo a notable shift. The nature of the shift is indicated by pre-existing notions of such things and the outcome is thus proportional to original beliefs. For example, an extremely ‘straight’ or sober person may seemingly spontaneously grow an interest in psychedelics or other mind-altering substances. A…