Pluto-Venus Transits

Intensity in close interpersonal, specifically romantic associations.  Possessive love, dominating love, surrendering to the overwhelm of lust and love with be prominent here and now.

Whether people possessing these qualities enter one’s life now or bring out such feelings in you is dependant on how these feelings are and have already been integrated into the personality. People who possess seeming depth and even forms of psychic abilities with a capacity to reveal whilst love aspects of the individual may be appealing to some.

If in a close, committed relationship, these times can bring in heated passion and a wish complying with the desire for more soul-touching depths of intimacy. Mild BDSM can be a useful tool for sexual exploration as well as a healthy purging/transforming of weighted psychic baggage if utilized consciously.

If single, an unconscious and often uncontrollable desire for such a union can present itself.

Squares and oppositions may bring in more brief encounters until specific lessons of both values and desires are learned or made aware to the self. Alternately, make-ups and break-ups may manifest in the process until a real facing of underlying factors occurs.

Keywords (depending on type of aspect being made)
Soul-transforming, overwhelming desire and passion, alchemical relationship, possession, soul-dominance, complete surrender to a greater controlling force, power-plays, psychic permeability, psychic openness, relationship destruction, changes in needs in relationships, significant monetary impacts, transforming changes made to values – especially in regards to self-esteems and self-worth.


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