The Moon in our Chart

The Moon in a chart reflects the most basic, subconscious, reactionary patterns we experience and express.

It’s sign, location (which house), and aspects (contacts) with other parts/planets in the chart paints the  picture of our emotional nature, our core temperament.

It illuminates what nurtures us, what re-balances us, how we react instinctively when stimulated or triggered.

While the Sun represents our conscious mind, egoic self, what energises us and what we usually choose to cultivate more of – the lunar aspect of our chart in direct contrast is under the surface. The moon represents our inner world where thought, feeling, visualisations and intuitions all combine to create a meaningful flow uninterrupted by logic or rationality. It is our impressional self, our nervous system wired from past situations and learn experience. It is culmination of our experience this lifetime, as well as before birth – pre-term, and even the memories of our ancestors that has funneled down to us.

It is our comfort, it is familiarity, it is what feels like home – our cocooned nature.

Like most mechanisms yielding comfort and safety, it also can signify what kinds of things are holding us back – if we find ourselves in a rut. What are we avoiding, doing too much of, neglecting or indulging in that quietens emotions at the cost of chanelling our dreams and persuing personal fulfilment. Also like almost all things comfortable, it can block our evolution which leads to suffocation of prevention of expression of our higher self. The nature of our moon also indicates what we are likely drawn to overusing in order to maintain an equilibrium; that while it provides mechanisms of safety, can cause hindrances on a growth level. Interestingly, the moon can be either neglected or overfocused on, if the will of the Sun in the chart is taking too much or too little space in our lives. Too much drive, ego, fear or not enough passion and drive can lead to our moon being hyper-activated or blocked out.

The moon represents our past – the accumulation of ancestral information passed down in the form of DNA which possesses natural instincts and adaptations developed over time. It also shines light on our inner maternal self – how we experienced nurturing/the feminine/literal females from early on in life. It represents in part what nurturing is — to us. Issues around this aspect of our nature (for instance, a strong Saturn, Mars, or Pluto aspect or its location in the 8th or 12th house) can indicate to us previously problematic patterns that our parents, grandparents (and so on and so fourth) experienced, or patterns that were once useful to our survival but are now outdated and need to be re-wired for personal evolution.

In its highest form, an aligned lunar nature will yield intuition of a higher and more profound origin, the want and willingness to nurture and love both self and others in an unconditional and supportive way and and also the experience of contentment in daily life.

If our personal ‘cup’ is running on empty it is hard to give love authentically to others. If our moon is not being honoured, our emotional needs not being met, there is a hollowness within making it hard to uplift and help other.

Though, if we maintain a sense of fulfillment (being nourished by supporting the needs of our moon) this is reversed and an overflow and want to share and connect develops. The necessity for self-love and self-nurture by feeding our moon in the way that we so naturally need, is integral to give back to the world in the most true and beneficial way possible.

A simplified, and somewhat light overview of the moons in the different signs is linked below. It may help to brainstorm and reflect on your own emotional temperament.

Moon in Aries, Taurus, and Gemini –

Moon in Cancer, Leo, and Virgo –

Moon in Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius –

Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces –

NB: Position in the chart in addition to aspects made to other planets will have a distinct effect on the expression. Having a look at aspects to the moon in the birth chart will shine some light and explain in more detail what is happening.


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