Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus is essentially indicating that the attraction principle (as well as mechanisms of desire and satisfaction through a particular means of beauty) is in its most resonant sign. Thus the values by which a Taurean Venus operates is aligned directly with the foundations of what Venus herself requires – art, music, admiration, loyalty and an array of sensory pleasures (for instance).

These individuals are attracted to not only these things on their own but to other individuals who can satisfy these needs and hold similar values to them in regards to relationship. Patience, calmness and security are keywords for these people.

They prefer longer-term relationships once they choose to commit and will expect reciprocation of loyalty, solidity in return for their dedication and sense of  solidity that they will naturally prefer to provide for their partner. Most of these people they will appreciate a ‘hands-on’, sensory forms of affection as they prefer stimulation through the five main sensory inputs rather than through the intellect or excessive displays of emotionalism (unless of course other chart factors indicate otherwise).

Having a sense of roots, being bound to something solid – whether this bonding is to the planet itself, or the family they’ve created, is of extremely high importance. Working towards this will be a continual process over time as it does have a major emphasis.
Time and experience are the major factors which builds up their trust and dictates where they distribute their focus, care and attention.

Security is a major keyword and theme, whether this is in the form of personal beliefs or the varying elements of material security. Physical affections and creature comforts, which to some may seem hedonistic or self-indulgent are regularly quite important in the lives of these people. Change is not something they inherently crave or seek, especially in romantic associations.


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