Quaoar/ Quaor in the Birth Chart


Quaoar is a relatively new discovery in the Astrological (and Astronomical) world – a finding made recently in 2002. A more complete and detailed picture of both its effects and its part in the overall ‘process’ may take decades (or even longer) to compile. For now, much of the observational data is raw, relying largely on transit experience, strong intuitions surfacing amongst Astrologers in conjunction with how the mythological understanding ties into one’s life experience (more important if Quaoar plays a central role by position/aspects in a chart).

Quaoar personas thus far have been considered to relate to ‘out-of-the-box’ creative genius whilst self-destructive tendencies and the want for a type of (obvious or inconspicuous) divide from mainstream is often high. This being a running theme with a number of ‘geniuses’ – the chaotic lives that are present within alongside their attempts to make abstract ideals somewhat concrete. This could be seen as the busting of creative potentials playing rabid on one’s psyche. The breakdown/combustion processes that accompany a consequent rebirth. So how does Quaoar differ much to Pluto?

If we have a strong Quaoar (or Quoar), and are processing its potential effects in our lives, how much is going to be merely ego identification?

How is it even possible to elaborate how we truly are in the sense of being gifted (a supposed manifestation of a strong Quaoar) especially when it corresponds to ‘out-of-the-box’ giftedness? Such abilities won’t often shine brightly in a traditional sense whatsoever, and potentially will instead be left un-channelled and extend to the point of self-destructiveness (given the nature of infiltration of information that is not often congruent with regular thought patterns or even clear as to what they’re useful for!)

Perception of its effects I sense will be extremely inaccessible due to a strong unconscious element – a noteable aspect of so-called genius. The buzzing interplay between conscious streams of thought and random ideas uniting to form something of potential importance. Meditation rather than conscious seeking and consequent identification may be helpful with this, as well as witnessing the aftermath after a transit (ruling out other planetary transits).

Personally, I sense Quaoar to represent the void. The pregnant void that contains all possibilities, everything at the heart of all creation buzzing underneath the surface before the eruption of life and manifestation.

Like before all huge births – a growing tension is present. I see this internal underlying mental and neural combustion a big theme of those with a strong Quaoar. When integrating Quaoar into chart analysis, I will only integrate or focus on certain elements of a chart if it follows a rule of 3’s (or just jumps at you rather than sifting in desperation for meaning)…

Once – a possibility, twice – a probability, 3 times – a certainty.
So if there is alot of chart tension, a strong Uranian/Martian, even challenging Plutonian elements perhaps, enough squares and oppositions alongside a strong Quaoar – then yes I feel the theme is something to dig deeper into 🙂

Just some random passing thoughts…

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