Astrology and Nutrition: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo

Look beyond your Sun sign to understand what foods work best for your physical form. Find out the most strongly emphasised signs and planets and look at the what needs to be nourished by which particular foods below. Knowing your moon sign in particular can help get you on the right path to satisfying and nourishing your internal worlds.

Aries: Exciting bright dishes with foods that are health-supportive (especially for the liver and brain) are vital for these individuals.

Liver-stimulating foods
Liver-stimulating foods

Taste may not be as crucial as colour and the appetising nature of the dish. Liver-supportive foods are necessary to minimise excessive urges to disperse energy which can come from stagnated livers (as considered particularly in Eastern Medicine Philosophy). Foods that will support at least a couple of the main liver detoxification pathways include sulfurous foods such as; asparagus, eggs, garlic and green/cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli. Drinking water with limes and lemon help to stimulate bile production and the clearance of a wide number of toxins. Cold-pressed oils (olive, hemp, avocado oils), fish-oils and walnuts help to produce and maintain liver cell membrane stability. Tumeric and cinnamon are food spices that support the liver’s function and supplemental milk-thistle is a renowned herb used to accelerate overall liver clearance and can help to maintain energy levels and overall vitality.

Arian energy generally has a leaning towards meats and poultry whereby the vitality of these foods can be readily absorbed by strongly Mars-oriented/Aries individuals and can help them maintain their muscular infrastructure and hunger that is particularly of a psychological nature.

Taurus: Rich, decadent and known ‘hearty’ foods –  from mashed potato or chocolate, to exquisite gourmet, will undoubtedly entice their senses.

As this sign is very in touch with their five physical senses (most of the time), pleasing them on a food basis by encapsulating as many senses as possible corresponds to provoking a large degree of pleasure for these individuals. This can be done in a balanced and healthy way…

Iodine-rich, high-protein, clean food
Iodine-rich, high-protein, clean food

The metabolism of Venus-ruled /Taurus/2nd House individuals can perform a little slower than their Mars and more active counterparts, and this is especially true as they age. In promoting throat-region health, adding thryoid supportive nutrients such as those rich in iodine-rich (e.g. seaweed), zinc (e.g. pumpkin seeds, seafood) and brazil nuts (selenium) whilst minimising/avoiding goitrogenic foods (e.g. soy, raw cruciferous vegetables, millet) can help maintain metabolism over the years. Their lymphatic system which is associated with fluid retention and toxin drainage can be modulated through suffcient filtered water intake (~ 2 L/day), fruits rich in digestive enzymes such as kiwi, pineapple and/or papaya on an empty stomach. Minimising overall dairy intake that Venus-ruled people crave frequently will reduce swollen throats, excessive mucous production, systemic inflammation and support a healthy weight.

Once a week indulgence will keep them looking forward to that day without having to worry about limiting themself with small amounts each day. Maintaining a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere around meal time will help to satisfy other senses apart from their tastebuds to reduce cravings that seem food-orientated.

Gemini: Snack-like, quick-to-access (convenience) food

Foods of instant pleasure (e.g. salty and sugary foods) are common likes of Gemini-influenced people due to the rapid effects on their moods or energy levels that are so integral to their functioning in this world.

Homemade protein bars made in bulk
Homemade protein bars made in bulk

‘Gemini-people’ (prominent Mercury/strong 3rd house/Gemini Ascendant) have very active nervous systems and consequently their digestive tracts can be under just as much stress. Eating small, frequent, nourishing meals will help their energy remain more consistent and avoid the lows that can come from sugar-induced ‘crashes’. Fasting often occurs due to the focus on other activities and getting caught-up, however avoiding this when possible if of a leaner physique is recommended.

Minimising caffeine (including tea and especially energy drinks), particularly when those needs arise come the afternoon, will help facilitate a better night’s sleep and reduce hyperactivity that can become frustrating even for themselves at times. Moderate doses of healthy omega-3 rich oils added after cooking will help to support their fired-up nervous systems by providing neuron/nervous system-cell protection.

Reducing sugar and replacing with healthy fats and slow-release foods incorporating sufficient protein may aid in increasing one’s concentration span whilst minimising anxious/excessive/restless energy.

Cancer: Comforting foods of all kinds, particularly that of the nostalgic. Memory-filled foods and a sensation of nourishment are what satisfies Cancerian individuals the most.

High cooked-vegetable intake
High cooked-vegetable intake

Chocolate, Mum or Grandma’s specials, ice-cream and sweet foods in general seem to provide the most comfort in times of stress and perceived emotional emptiness.

Cancerians benefit the most from regular mild-moderate exercise and a ‘clean’ diet low in inflammatory foods such as wheat, sugar and dairy – whereby more of a free-flow of emotions can be encouraged along with reductions in emotional stagnation. However, as a full clean/puritan eating plan is not always feasible, more healthful foods added with an additional 1 week of ‘clean eating’ each month is an example of a way to naturally detox more easily on a regular basis without too much stress incurring from forced refraining of craved foods.

Cancerians often have strong appetites or very little at all (based on other Astrological factors), and making sure they have healthy stomachs with probiotics/appropriate fermented foods can support their immune systems and minimise gut irritation and upset, which together promotes a better mood. Sometimes a FODMAPS friendly regime is in order.

Including non-cruciferous raw foods at least once a day (mainly vegetables, some fruit) will help to cleanse and reduce water retention. Herbal teas can be explored as they help flush excess toxins, maintain a warm tummy whilst keeping things moving. Cooked vegetables are easier on the stomach for the most part (particularly cruciferous vegetables and most root vegetables) and can provide adequate vitamins and minerals that cannot always be accessed when eaten raw.

Small amounts of homemade shakes or a piece of fruit can work as a functional snack for these individuals prone to erratic/spontaneous mood changes.

Leo: Bright, delectable foods and drink with an array of flavours.

Mediterranean-Style Food
Mediterranean-Style Food

Strictly gourmet or high quality is not quite as important as with other signs, as long as the final result is delicious. Incorporating meals with less grains and more of a focus on meat/fish/other proteins and a moderate intake of vegetables and cold-pressed oils, seeds and nuts are usually the most beneficial for these bodies as they can help to support their vitality and consistency in energy levels.

Coloured foods (particularly red and purple) rich in antioxidants (e.g. berries, beets, capsicum) will provide the nutrients necessary for a healthy heart. Sufficient iron intake will benefit their red blood cell production to sustain their charisma which is so integral to their personality.

The cardiovascular system is the most-strongly correlated system for Leonine individuals hence why a Mediterranean-style eating regime will benefit them immensely. Foods for heart health should be a key focus.

Virgo: Nutritious, organic, vegetable-rich meals will give them the most nourishment for their mind, their nerves, their conscience.

Broad-spectrum Health Food
Broad-spectrum Health Food

Virgo-influenced people (Virgo-rising, prominent Chiron in chart, strong 6th house, Virgo stellium) have a compulsion to become the best they can be, and yes, this applies to their bodies which can be seen as temples. Purification of the body (at least conscious awareness of physical health)  can minimise the onset of dis-ease. As Virgo’s focus so much on what they can fix or what is ‘just not right’ their own nervous system can be under stress, and the time spent dealing with other people may mean neglect of self is a frequent outcome.

Feeding their bodies with pure whole foods can help to sustain clarity of mind and decrease toxic overload. Of course minimising toxins extends past food intake, but we can talk about other things in another post 🙂

Not being too extremist in approach and naturally gravitating towards foods they enjoy which often co-incide with being the healthiest for them. Allowing them their chocolate or at least giving them Organic, dairy-free or even Fair Trade brands of chocolate will make them even happier in the times they need it the most. Magnesium-rich foods should not be understated here, and in some cases, looking into food combining may be of benefit.


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