Psychological Astrology Session/Reading

Viewing the birth chart as the blueprint of your own psychology can be such a powerful tool.

Yes, we are greater than our personality, but it is with personality and utilising tools to understand its existence that we see our individual journey within the human experience. In this respect, understanding personality and behavioural patterns can be used as a gateway into greater connection and understanding of both our own psyche and others.

At present your personality holds inherent strengths and less-developed aspects. Understanding the aspects of your psyche that are currently working in unison to provide you with natural abilities as well as the combination of elements that are working against each other can be brought to the surface with a particular sense of clarity. From this standpoint, the aspects that are causing conflict, indecision, and externalized projection, can be better integrated; the choice of how to utilize the tension in the future to best serve you and others can be made particularly clear.

Getting in touch with the inner personas can translate to the unfolding of both functional and empowering ways to improve access your personal truth, to make clearer aligned decisions to minimise conflict between the heart and the head, your emotions and personal ideals, social conditioning and your most real self.

With great knowledge comes great responsibility, and witnessing your chart as your mind’s processing system can provide you with the insight as a gateway to take control of your life.

To make a booking for a session set in in either the coastal or hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, feel free to make contact, as booking times and locations are quite flexible. Additionally, to set up for a phone consult and or/Skype interaction from the comfort of your own home or from the location of your current holiday or work residence, feel most welcome to email below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Holistic Counselling Sessions
begin at:
 $120 AU/hour and
0 AU/1.5 hours

Email to make a booking

An initial twenty minute consult is offered to all friends, prospective clients and future friends to get to know whether these sessions will be best suited for you. The decision is respectably all yours! Unique financial circumstances will undoubtedly be taken into consideration. Referrals from an extensive list of other healthcare providers to further complement growth or target more specific health issues are also offered, if need be.

Looking forward to meeting you!

With patience, care, and respect,



1 thought on “Psychological Astrology Session/Reading”

  • My wife and I both took part in a Psychological Astrology Reading from Tiaani. Each of our readings were conducted separately, allowing for a safe and comfortable environment to open up in. The outcome from Tiaani’s readings gave us both, unique and profound insights into areas of ourselves that we weren’t even aware of, as well as reinforcing other areas we already felt passionate about. Afterwards, it was interesting to read each other’s readings, they were completely different and at the same time extremely detailed and accurate. They also gave us a chance to learn new things about each other. Since completing our readings, we have been on a clearer path to living and no longer get hooked up on the small things that used to hold us back. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending both, the Psychological Astrology Reading and also Tiaani, she has such a loving and calming presence about herself and you can really feel that she cares deeply about helping people to find their direction!

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