Centaurs, Asteroids and the like…

Over the years that I have simultaneously observed the impact whilst researching the potential meanings and influences of varying asteroids amongst individuals and the collective. I have summarised some major focus points in the following that I have intuited/gathered…


– What blocks us and pains us which leads us to look beyond the conventional and superficial for insight and wisdom. The pains we experience which cause us to look out from the mundane 4D world and into other realms to bring back to the physical world ways in which we can both heal ourselves and others.
— Seeing and solving problems on a different level to that which is was created. Channelling wisdom and lessons out of pain which ultimately heals. Being present in this world, with the painful experiences, though with an added otherworldly awareness.


– Raw, rebellious, delusional, irrational though planned – anger. Like an untamed Scorpionic embodiment plagued by doubt, distrust and paranoia, triggered by deception and removal of freedom and particularly love. Cycles of Karmic retribution.
— Taking responsibility of choices instead of being stuck in the cycle of what has occurred.
Outgrowing repetitive malicious/dark cycles with awareness and new action. Opportunities for forgiveness – particularly self-forgiveness.


– Access point to the infinite, the absolute. The mouth of God and the heart of the Universe.
— The way and place in which we plug into Source, of nothingness, of baseline consciousness. To surrender to the natural cycle of the world. To be nothing but everything.


– The presence of a destructive yet playful chaos. Combination of accidents, euphoria, chance-happenings, cheekiness, release through unconscious override.
— Allowing and trusting playful aspects of the psyche to take charge for a moment, taking action that will serve in the Highest good perhaps indirectly. Emerging into chaos and trusting without knowing, that all will be good.


– Sudden pain which saddles our vulnerability. Our monster concealing our fragility.
— Nurturing the fragile parts in us, loving the monster which requires a type of nurturing for the best possible outcome.


– Scientific, rational and logical flavour of wisdom. That which empowers and is both bold and courageous. Perhaps not all-encompassing, but that which is strong and holds it’s own through knowledge and ability.
— Permitting open-mindedness with healthy skepticism of that which you have been told whilst honouring traditional knowledge for it’s longevity. Cultivating capabilities and feeling empowered by being in the zone, in flow.


– Nurturing, where and how we ‘plug in’ and rejuvenate. The eternal maternal figure of widespread caring and unconditional support.
— Understanding we all have our own way of being renewed and nurtured. Allowing this for self and for others as necessary. Giving without condition, but only when own resources are still moderate or more unless of more severe a scenario.


– The epitome of the dominant, non-civilised concept of the feminine. The pre-Eve female who was equal to Adam. Wild, raw, receptive yet intimidating. That which has been in the shadows for eternity though powerful as time itself.
— Permitting shadowy darkness and urges to be expressed but perhaps not worshipped – be it in words, pictures, understanding the neglected dominant forces and witnessing them for what they are. What is banished will come with retribution thus dishonour and complete suporession is not the answer in the long-haul.


– Space of infinite hollowness. Inverted density, lack of matter. Ghost-like-ness in a person, situation or self. The ‘phantom limb’ – as real as anything but not even present.
— As a human there will be parts we are left without, at least an awareness from attachment to things comes with this. Knowing you can have much in this world, but not everything, no matter how ‘much’ one has. Being at peace with this and appreciating the vivid richness of whatever one has.


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