Natal Aspect: Chiron-Venus

These people are bestowed with potent opportunities for healing their own Venus-based wounds and mindfully facilitating the healing of others in the areas of self-esteem and self-love. In addition to these, becoming increasingly aware of energetic barriers between self and ‘other’ and the rights for their own choice of values as well as the allowance to gracefully overcome financial issues/blocks, arises.

Giving is the central theme, where giving and even more giving occurs even without conscious thought at times. Since Chiron represents where our deepest wounds lie, the connection with Venus signifies that interpersonal relationships are where insecurity, guilt, a lack of self-esteem, etc can manifest. People born with a ‘Chirotic Venus’ know what it is to give oneself unconditionally, wholeheartedly – that ultimately is for the benefit and growth of others. The ongoing experience of outwardly directing an extensive degree of their vitality, attention and focus through interactions (particularly intimate/close relationship) is what simultaneously gives them a sense of caution,  and the need to modulate who they associate with (and how often). The large amount of energy shared often means so much of themselves is given if they are not mindful of barriers and selective with whom they donate their energy to. Without modulation, there can be little energy left for maintaining the self – and the fragmented self continues to exist without integration.

Pain is often inflicted due to the ways in which those they are attracted to, or who they attract, can take advantage of their grace and sharing nature – seemingly from those that do not appear to deserve such. In the younger years, the type of partner they can find attractive or can’t resist may be those with ‘issues’, those that are broken who those with a saint-like quality but with a history. Those the family or friends may not appreciate, or people who are ultra-alternative and the ‘wrongness’ and difference from their own selves is what finds them appealing.

There is often a sense of sacrifice, a willingness to care and love unconditionally for those that require their attention and support, even if they can’t receive the same degree of love back. It is as if those they form close unions with are those from another time and have taken the position to support, assist and facilitate healing for these individuals. There is a strong inbuilt sense of empathy, and because of their awareness around pain in respect to the feelings towards the self, love-ability, and sense of worth, they have a supportive effect on those they come in contact with.

Over time as awareness and wisdom builds they instead can choose to attract in self-aware individuals who may have a solid history of personal pain but have transformed through such experience. They may in turn be the ones transforming through such relationships or can bring in those that they inadvertently assist in healing. After the time and experiences necessary that occur in order to help illuminate aspects of the psyche, patterns, memories, behaviours, consistent jumps in awareness, especially around the realm of self-love, self-respect, monetary systems and relationship dynamics, they have fine-tuned understanding and they continuously integrate themselves more the more they can be of willing assistance to others. Their unique attributes and contributions comprise the solid core which they can build their own self-worth around.

Views and perceptions into existence of other dimensions, spirituality and healing can also be assisted by partners, through intimate bonding,

Enjoying life and ‘filling one’s own cup’ before sharing with/filling up others is of paramount importance to keep their selves intact and to ultimately be of any real assistance to others in the long haul.

3 thoughts on “Natal Aspect: Chiron-Venus”

  • So with Chiron opposite Venus in my chart Im doomed that I walked away from the love of my life for her happiness?

  • Hi! Thank you for this information, I have natal Venus trine Chiron and it has always been very challenging in the romance area especially in my younger years. I was wondering if you knew anything about Chiron trine Juno which I also have, my hunch says it maybe another wounding challenge, Thank you.

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