Open-Mindedness and Healthy Skepticism

‘Believe no-thing, entertain possibilities’.

— There is ridiculous amounts of freedom in this…

Open-mindedness and a healthy dose of skepticism is a necessity for progression; moving us to the ever-evolving state of curiosity and taking us closer towards the true nature of reality, and of ourselves.

We’re all comprised of rational and irrational thinking patterns, though to increase intelligence, reduce prejudice, and minimise personal blockages/ limitations, the tendency to execute deep questioning is necessary; otherwise ignorance, gullibility, and power-trips will continue to run rampant. We need to start with ourselves rather than blaming others/authorities. We have the ability and capacity to modify the process within our own internal patterning.

This then extends to all ‘sides’ – both the conventional and ‘alternative’ – neither inherently has it all right. If some person/group expects mindless compliance and becomes defensive upon questioning or just ‘can’t explain’, I think it’s important to seriously wonder.

Re-evaluating own beliefs and leaving the possibility of something to exist unless evidence later suspends it, is an aspect of open-mindedness. No matter how safe you feel in your current world of ideas, concepts change and paradigm shifts are never-ending. Believing an ancient belief without deeply questioning it as wrong or right, or grasping onto something new to believe in without investigating it thoroughly, is not only limiting – it creates barriers within yourself and with others.

To question is not to live in fear but rather to live in a more balanced space; somewhere between giving complete power away and pretending to know that which you don’t. For me at least, a kind of freedom stems from uncertainty along with a kind of exciting anticipation in knowing there is constantly more to discover, room to play, and and an infinity to explore.

We have far less limits than what we’ve been conditioned to believe – particularly in the realms of knowledge and our own minds. Investigating in the realms of astrology is not to automatically believe or disregard, but to ignite questioning of ourselves on the deepest levels. This is where the practicality comes into play.

Remember, you’ve a whole chart there – you’re not just fragments of it, or a sign.
You’re it. All of it. The whole she-bang.

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