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Mars in Sagittarius – Tight Mars- Jupiter

Female with Mars in Sagittarius – Mars tightly conjunct Jupiter This lady will be enticed by adventure, the road of uncertainty, the possibilities that lie ahead. The prospect of knowing exciting things are to come […]

Open-Mindedness and Healthy Skepticism

‘Believe no-thing, entertain possibilities’. — There is ridiculous amounts of freedom in this… Open-mindedness and a healthy dose of skepticism is a necessity for progression; moving us to the ever-evolving state of curiosity and taking […]

Understanding Your Quest: Life’s Questions

Steven Forrest, one truly amazing modern-day Astrologer who practices and teaches the art of Evolutionary Astrology, wrote a fundamentally life-changing book in 1984 (The Inner Sky) which is still one of my favourite ‘go-to’s’. His […]