Sagittarius – 9th House

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and mental changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world – the infinite awareness that is simply presence without judgment. All astrological expressions represent a frequency of the overall one energy and awareness of such concepts and traits is one gateway to remembering this as all aspects of the Zodiac have the same potential to remember the underlying one true self. Happy Reading Readers 🙂

[dropcap] Idealistic.
Traveller. Spirited.
Gypsy Heart. Expansive



Mode: Mutable (Psychologically adaptable, influenced and readily changeable)

Element: Fire (Dynamic, expressive, motion-oriented, easy to ignite/quick to exhaust)

House related: 9th House (Faith, religion/spirituality, law, education, the mind above the animal mind aka ‘the higher mind’, expansion from ego consciousness)

Planet related: Jupiter


Sagittarius is about the future, at least the anticipation of what it has to bring. The arrow relates to the high-aims and the direction that Sagittarian ideals and hopes will take them. They are excited by the idea of new cultures, new ideas, new places to see and different things to do. Variety is the spice of life, was surely created by someone under the Sagittarian/Jupiter influence.

Sagittarians are fun-loving hopeful individuals who prefer in-depth theories and conversations but do not resonate with in-depth attachments, fearful conspiracies or what they consider negative human emotion.

They often have an inherently strong moral code as they are the progression from Scorpio, which has been to the depths of the human psyche and experience to figure out what brings them the best and the worst in all human experience. Their personal set of ethics they feel resonates with God, or rather,  Universal Law, and it is because of such feelings/beliefs that they feel connected in ways that allow them the feeling of being Universal supported, guided and blessed by what others call ‘luck’.

Their moral code may not extend to the sector of relationships, as intimate ties they fear hinder their freedom, their potential experiences. They no longer understand why people crave stability in such things, that is until they have found someone who captures their heart and imagination and is willing to journey along with them, giving them independance but also support.

Interests and Motivations:

They are motivated and enticed by what can bring them new experiences, be it physical travel or travel brought upon by books, people’s stories and even visualization. They requirement for stimulation is exceptionally high as they have the strongest thirst for expanding their consciousness, their personal history.

Sagittarians will jump at most opportunities that offer both change and growth, and feel like they will supported by such decisions. Life is a playground, an adventure, and seeing the broad spectrum of what it has to offer is what nourishes them on a core level – it doesn’t always have to be light, sparkly and superficial, they do appreciate richness in experience.

If a Sagittarian is not travelling, they are drawn to expanding their own sphere, be it in the workplace, in the community or monetarily speaking. They have a strong idea of infinite potential, so if they aren’t relating to this culturally, this may mean in academics, business or politics.

They often do not know what kind of partner, or what crowd of people they prefer to be around  as this kind of thought structure filters and limits the kind of situations they find themselves in and this is not wanted by them. Unexpected and new circumstances are to them better than routine, than comfort.




Dissecting religion

Abiding by a set of morals

Great outdoors

Wide spaces


Exotic foods/exotic-ness in general

New (to them)

Something to look forward to


Being in the same place for too long

Disabled by breaks/fractures

Narrow minded-ness


Dependance from others

Unethical people/practices

Being forced ideas

Commitment (especially prematurely)


Their health is more often or not in great shape, especially in their earlier years. However, if they chose not to travel or move around as much as they would like and instead became stationary, the outcome of an excessive lifestyle might show in respect to their weight, arterial health and state of their liver.

If they are free to roam periodically throughout  their whole lives, chances of maintaining health is high. Periodic liver cleanses will bring moderation in their lives, and this is something that keeps them in check. Exercises that keeps their hips and legs moving in particular will be most important for them also as these are the parts of the body that link with Sagittarius. Their strong fiery emotions can become stored in their thighs in particular so movement allows release of such things.


Imbalanced Sagittarius



Involved in get-rich-quick schemes


Loss of faith


Controlling through ideas/beliefs

Liver issues

Hip pain/sciatica

Balanced Sagittarius

Balance between work and travel

Broad network of friends

Respectful of other’s beliefs/moral codes

Open minded-ness

Friendly and outgoing

Comedic/easy to laugh

Light in approach (rather than serious on facts/codes/etc)

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