Virgo – 6th House

///Interpretations and writings from Rubyxia have the purpose of integration and the understanding of the variations and mental changes that happen within a lifetime along with the reminder of the infinite essence beyond the psychological world – the infinite awareness that is simply presence without judgment. All astrological expressions represent a frequency of the overall one energy and awareness of such concepts and traits is one gateway to remembering this as all aspects of the Zodiac have the same potential to remember the underlying one true self. Happy Reading Readers πŸ™‚

Conscientious. Thoughtful. Analytical.
Improvement-driven. Supportive. Humble.



Mode: Mutable (Psychologically adaptable, influenced and readily changeable)

Element: Earth (Realistic, sensible, practical, stability-oriented)

House related: 6th House (physiological processes, health – psychological/physical, dissecting and analysing, purifying, how can I improve the current situation/functionality)

Planets related: Mercury and Chiron (more recently understood as major governing planet)


Virgo is about purifying. That is to say, cleaning out the old (ideas, materials, excess) to give room for something more – more beneficial, more relevant, more sustainable. It is dissecting and analytical for the purpose of seeing what is worthy, true and growth-oriented in contrast to what is detrimental, evolution-blocking, and dishonest (what undermines healthful living).

They see a world of links, of how things are connected, and they also see a world of what’s broken, what doesn’t mix or what ultimately doesn’t help themselves or society. This is often why skepticism can link in with Virgo, as the dissecting mind weighs up truths of the matter, compared to what can harm or inhibit people’s conscious growth (unconstructive beliefs. bogus-claims, ways of living, etc).

Interests and motivations

Virgo/6th House people are driven to improve as they can see what is broken or breaking, and this is what makes them both helpful and practical in a world that to them can see quite flimsy filled with too many people who do not tap into their intelligence (but who could if they were aware they had it).

They have an innate sense that excess is what creates disruptions in an otherwise healthful life, and the appreciation of what one already has is what brings fulfillment and satisfaction. Because of this, it can be the most simple things that make them smile.

They have an underlying sense of humility with the understanding of world’s vastness – vastness in size, diversity in species, unlimited facts and figures and an infinity of personal truths.

They often find it hard to relax as they can often see something else that can be done, changed or fixed, and this is what keeps their brain from settling down. Their busy mind drives them to keep busy themselves, or alternatively, find refuge in practices such as yoga, religion, meditation and reading.

They are drawn to healing practices also, as healing has a way of detaching their busy mind from their own limitations and gives rise to greater consciousness that is both within and outside of themselves. Too much analysis and criticism aimed at their own self-perceived faults can drive them to the brink of insanity, and once they become aware of the driving force behind their eagle-like awareness of detail, they can extend this characteristic outward, facilitating the healing of others and bringing people’s awareness to the Earth, to beneficial potentials in evolution, to sustainability.



Good hygiene


Figuring out processes

Fixing things


Considerate people

Eco-friendly products

Strong interest in Science/strong interest in practical Spirituality



Unhealthy eating/living

Crude/irate people

Lack of awareness

Too much criticism – giving and receiving it

Things going to waste


People analysing them


Virgo health is often up for major change as some part of their lives, as excessive worry in general or ironically about their body shape or health, or even a focus on other people’s needs can undermine their own health. Often limitations in their own functionality forces them to become interested in eating right, sleeping appropriately and searching/experimenting with techniques to minimise stress overwhelment. 

Before this point, their digestive tracts can be affected by stress and alterations in appropriate absorption which can give rise to allergies of sorts. In working with stress management or their perception of stress, they can increase their own immunity so instead of trying to fix themselves purely through external means (food, germ reduction, etc) they can improve themselves from within, using their own mental capacities.

A focus on integration, rather than removal/fear of certain things can also assist their internal state of balance which is essentially the relative  formula for good health.


Imbalanced Virgo

///Things relating to their trying to be unrealistically perfect

Excessive nit-picking

Focus on facts to prove others wrong

Making others feel bad about their habits or way of being

Poor health

Mission to find to one ‘right’ answer

Not wanting to be around other people/avoidance

Highly critical

Phobias/fears (e.g. germs/things that will affect their health)


Balanced Virgo

Conscious and aware, yet not judgmental of other’s states

Working with the natural world for their own and other’s health

Giving respect to different points of view

Feeling strong in their own self/immunity so they don’t need to fear things

Balanced eating

Organised but not nervous if things don’t go as planned

Kind and considerate

Constructive criticism when asked

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