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  • Role of the Ascendant/rising sign

    Role of the Ascendant/rising sign

    The constellation which sat at the most Eastern point of the chart – the horizon – is indicative of the initial impressions that our youngest, newest, earliest self, experienced. Not only the people involved, but the nature of cirumstances that were encountered. The imprints on our consciousness in our first days and months forever mark…

  • Ascendant/Rising + Descendant + IC/MC

    Ascendant/Rising + Descendant + IC/MC

    As the Ascendant is considered the point of integration where all our varied personality energies are channeled through a main filter to  be operatable in this world. This ‘mask’  is essentially made up of our physical appearance, as well as how we project ourselves through our mannerisms and the sharing of a certain flavour of…

  • Scorpio Ascendant (Scorpio Rising)

    Scorpio Ascendant (Scorpio Rising)

    Scorpio’s domain is that of the unseen, the mysterious depths that encompass not only the external unknown but also the inner psychological terrain. Those born under this sign often radiate a profound understanding of secrets and hidden truths, stemming from their ability to navigate and comprehend the complexities of human emotions and motivations. Physically, Scorpios…