Ascendant/Rising + Descendant + IC/MC

As the Ascendant is considered the point of integration where all our varied personality energies are channeled through a main filter to  be operatable in this world. This ‘mask’  is essentially made up of our physical appearance, as well as how we project ourselves through our mannerisms and the sharing of a certain flavour of opinions, world views and topics. Through this filter, our perceptions are created initially before our Solar and Lunar aspects react, digest and respond.

The term ‘mask’ can seem misleading and false – however in this context it is not completely separate from our true selves, but rather an extension of our selves – another layer – a way in which we have learnt to adapt and deal with the world in whichever way that may be.

I’ve written out the most summarised description of core facets and influences based on rising sign/ascendant by incorporating the effect of the descendant (what is projected and attracted by the external world) as well as the roots (IC) and performance of self in the public eye (MC).

Aries – Perspective of life as an eternal adventure, viewing from a state of the ‘here and now’. Core heart is centred and deeply connected to life and its ebb and flowing currents. Attracted to that which balances, shares and maintains fairness and judgment – can see the sides which they may miss by acting from impulse. In the public realm, one who focuses on achievement, moving forever consistently towards the top.

Taurus – View of life as a process, a steady flow and slow build acknowledging the purpose of the physical, the material and seeks life’s simple pleasures. A confident yet smoke-screened sense of ‘I’ – important main ‘man/women’ in the nest, a Lion Heart. Attractor of forceful change and intensity, experiences which shake them and cause them to cultivate strong internal base. Wanting to equalise the differences and seen publicly as the manager, the integrator, one with perspective.

Gemini – View of life as a ever-changing game and simulation of possibility. Heart of an ever-questioning/uncertain scientist/enigma.
Attracting in the forever restless, craver of both knowledge and change but those with lasting sense of core values and morals. In public the gypsy, acts as the the broad-spectrum paradox that has eternal faith in themselves/the process.

Cancer – View of life from an underwater lens – showing and hiding self in equal parts. Heart of a balanced judge, a core sense of justice. Attracted to those with their feet firmly on land looking upward, swayed little by obstacles and change. Seen as one who moves forward and impulsively with a sense of purpose and momentum.

Leo – Centre view from the movie screen – at the forefront of the main movie as the main role. A core who is intensely dramatic and seeks this for sense of fulfillment. Attracted to those with individuality and has a way of being ‘opposite’ to societal norms although a major participant in it. Publicly has a firm unwavering sense of self and prefers life’s pleasures and indulgences.

Virgo – Perfectionistic view of the specifics, the parts that constitute the whole. A quirky analytical querer. A heart of the eternal seeker of knowledge and experience, always knowing there is more to be discovered. Attracter of the integrated yet evasive escapist, changeable and unsolvable enigma. Sharer of all experiences, findings, paradoxes, the comedian or the multi-minded.

Libra – View from rose-tinted glasses, the romantic with a sense of fairness and just idealism. Insecure, undernourished but very defined conventional base. Attractor of the raw, passionate, real. Expressionist of that which has feeling, beauty, a sense of another world and depth.

Scorpio – View of the intense and profound, questions and forever glimpses sights of what is beyond the known through the main senses. Heart of the objective, progressive, rational, scientific core – solid all-encompassing sense of self but forever questioning. Attractor of sensual others with a greater sense of stability, reliability, rock-like in nature – feet grounded in the physical world. Wanting to be seen for all that they truly are – charisma and a strong ego covers the eternal questioning and in-depth knowing.

Sagittarius – The eternal explorer, traveler, viewing life as a large pool of possibility, God in the largest sense  or whichever way they view the main substance of the universe, ever supports their moves and what comes to them. Heart of the romantic wanderer, with no real base except in the changing currents of life on the largest scale. Attractor of everything and in between – of contradictions, wordy and unpredictable minds both plagued by indecision and questioning. Wanting to share collected truths to the world and piece together all that which has not yet been solved or discovered.

Capricorn – View from the mountain as one walks forever upward, even after reaching the top. One who has an overtly ambitious, impulsive core to activate life’s potentials – peace is elusive as there is always so much to do. Attractor of those who prefer the water, with feeling, substance and the now is more potent than the heaven’s wonders. Sharer of justified, creator of balance in whichever cirumstance one finds themselves in.

Aquarius – Seeing life as exciting unpredictability, chaos and change where so many truths exists outside the one truth no-one knows. Solid and immovable core – where values and thought-forms are as solid as the earth. Attractor of the eluded “i”, those who have encompassed a sense of identity and who is not afraid to share it. Sharer of intense, shocking, even disturbing truths and findings along the way.

Pisces – View from the ocean – above and below. Oh and the heavens, and the earth under the surface. Eternally composite, uncertain and unstable changeable core. Attractor of those forever searching for detail and proofs who will never be able to underpin them however much they wish they could. The ever-moving, expansive self in public who shares the multitude of experiences that the universe presents.

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