Scorpio Ascendant (Scorpio Rising)

Scorpionic territory is that of the unknown – the invisible otherside – and often the inner (usually submerged by many) psychological terrain.
Radiating secrets or inner knowings from these spaces ultimately has the capacity to invite intrigue.
The physical appearance can range from intentionally dark and hypnotising, to seemingly more naive and/or innocent. Despite variations in physical characteristics, even those that exude charisma, charm and a spark of brightness – often by their twenties (at the latest), have chosen to prefer bypassing the simple, the light, and the superficial. How can things that are easy to attain or understand provide pleasure and core-level fulfilment?
An intrinsic understanding of a number of processes beyond the mundane world will be present and such matters often become more of interest over time. This often comes with a sensing that there is much more beyond what meets the eye. Such things as; what we as humans know, the extent of feelings and thoughts behind what is actually said, the fears that prevent true understanding, intimacy, self-revelation, and ultimately – things that stand in front of the truth.

Penetrating the surface to see one’s own many pains, weaknesses and blockages are quite often a part of the Scorpionic journey and are an aspect of the many rise and falls – the ‘crises’ – that one chooses to experience. The continual shedding of the outworn, the blocked and the excess, are in order to rise into their most true and authentic selves – like the transformation metaphor of the Phoenix. This process usually happens during and after every traumatic or intensely felt experience met. Naturally, Scorpionic mental faculties are astute which helps to easily sense the appropriate times to retreat, the times when to remain guarded, and the times to remain intact.

Being a player within many power-plays is very likely, even if this is not desired. Commonly in work environments, family-dynamics and particularly in romantic relationships, where the elements of projection and protection are at their finest. This becomes apparent in a number of different circumstances, usually as one refuses to give over their personal power and perceived sense of self. In these times, survival mechanisms will be particularly heightened. Metaphorical assassins that permanently guard their psycho-emotional fortress are invoked and are on high-alert. Frustratingly, even when the individual feels or recognises that they are letting up and choosing to express aspects of their true self, reservation or unease is often strongly felt when attempting this which often creates further psychoemotional blockages. In rare times where true expression occurs and real intimacy is permitted, deeper and meaningful discussions are most commonly preferred in order for them to feel most at ease and even in order for them to feel most aroused.

No matter how light their interests are, or how they operate emotionally in their own time and space, when dealing with the outer world they present an element which attracts experiences, people and situations which resonate with a deeper, more complex dimension. This is a case where the mask one is wearing becomes strongly attached and even seemingly conjoined. Even if there is a keen awareness of who they truly are, communicating a lighter side to others will be difficult and difficult to convince others of another way of being.

Earlier in life experiences may have lead to more self-destructive habits with a lesser awareness of why they may be happening. But gradually, these experiences can be seen as a shedding process to understand the core-self which will become brighter and greater as more time spent in this presence of awareness and beingness occurs. This is why Scorpio ascendant people are magnetizing, can be hypnotic, and anyone interested in the deeper facets of life will be drawn to converse or at least understand these people (and vice versa).

They can be (often emotionally) dangerous to themselves or others until awareness of their own projections as well as abilities has been developed. The extent of the damage has the potential to be inversely growth-promoting, as there is often a greater need to heal, fix and evolve to make up for time spent otherwise.

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