Understanding Your Quest: Life’s Questions

Steven Forrest, one truly amazing modern-day Astrologer who practices and teaches the art of Evolutionary Astrology, wrote a fundamentally life-changing book in 1984 (The Inner Sky) which is still one of my favourite ‘go-to’s’.

His openness, understanding, clarity and practical approach to this psychological artform known as Astrology, is simultaneously magical, inspiring, and down-to-earth. He reminds us that Astrology is not merely about providing us with answers but presenting us with questions; the answers we supply are but our own and bring an understanding of what is but our inner landscape.

I feel its only natural to be giving him due-credit for some questions I find myself asking others, that I personally find helps me out significantly when clarity and awareness seems to be out of arms-reach.

By breaking down each of the planets representative of the different archetypes/forces within our psyche, we can self-motivate and feel in-touch with that which composes us as a human.

Sun (our sense of self, ego, ‘I’, the core of personality)

Who am I?

What kind of experiences help me strengthen and clarify my self image?

Where can I find and expand my self-power?

What unconscious biases shape my view of the world?

Moon (our instinctive reactions, basis of habits, inner-feminine, requirements for emotional balance/health)

What kind of experiences are most essential to my happiness?

When moodiness and irrationality overtake me, how are they expressed?

What unconscious emotional needs motivate my behaviour?

Mercury (perception of information, personalised thought processes/views on world)

What are my intellectual and communicative strengths?

What are my intellectual and communicative weaknesses?

Venus (relationship dynamics, attractive factor, personalised expression and desires)

How can I calm down?

What do I need/value in a partner?

What can I bring into a relationship?

Mars (outlet of energy, motivating force to take action)

What battles must I face?

Where must I be more assertive?

How can I sharpen my will?

How do I express my aggressiveness?

Jupiter (how and where faith expresses itself, personal philosophy/purpose)

What kinds of experience/s will help me feel more faith in myself and life?

Where might I be taking too much for granted?

Saturn (how and one feels blocked, personal obstacles, reality factor)

In what area of life must I learn to act alone?

Where will a lack of self-disciple most quickly lead to sorrow?

Where will my ability to dream and have faith most severely be tested?

Uranus (personal quirks, unconscious unpredictability, connecting and dividing point with masses)

In what department of life must I be most willing to function without social approval?

Where must I learn to break rules to follow my own path?

Where will I consistently receive the most misleading advice?

Which authorities am I destined to challenge and offend?

Where must I lose/reduce logic to function intuitively?

Where is narrow self-interest most inappropriate/destructive to me?

Neptune (synthesizer, personal blind-spots, addictions and confusions, sense of infinity)

Where am I most vulnerable to mistaking wishes and fears for reality?

Pluto (self-destructive forces, compulsions, secrets)

Where in myself might I find wisdom needed for world around me?

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